Murphy’s kicking my ass

I got back home today from a trip back to my home town. I attended my great grandma’s funeral. The funeral was nice. Well, as nice as funerals can be, I guess. While in town, I took the opportunity to visit my former college and my friends and family.

This morning at 6:00, I woke up to get ready for the 7:55 Greyhound bus to Sunnyvale. We ended up transferring twice. The first time in Sacramento, and the second in San Francisco. Each bus was late, of course. We ended up roughly two hours late by the end of the trip.

Finally, I got to Sunnyvale, carrying a very heavy backpack, a heavy suitcase, and a bag of misc. stuff. I got a map of bus routes and quickly realized I would have had to make several transfers, and then walk 15 to 20 minutes home carrying the bags. Not a good option.

I ended up calling a taxi. My home wasn’t too far away, so why not? Problem the first: The driver only knew a few English words. Problem the second: $2.50/mile. Ouch. I’ve never paid for a taxi before, so I don’t know what’s normal, but watching that meter move up sure was depressing.

So, $20 later, I’m home. I carried my heavy bags into the pizza place and ordered a pizza and a drink. Then I went to my apartment and realized I couldn’t find my keys. While searching, I noticed that my contact solution spilled over everything. I moved the bag it was in to the side, and continued to search. I then proceeded to knock my soda all over my backpack and coat.

I decided to go downstairs and get a spare key and then my pizza. The pizza was burned, but still edible, mainly. I continued back to my apartment with the spare key. There I found a small group of ants at my desk. There’s no food around there, and they don’t appear to be carrying anything in particular, but they there are nonetheless.

To top off the day, as I was cleaning up the place in preparation for guests that are coming tomorrow or the next day, I went to take out the garbage. As I was walking outside, a squirrel run in the tree above me (at 10:22 at night!) and dropped something next to me. Damn squirrels.

Tomorrow’s going to be much better. 🙂

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