Look ma, I’m growing up and everything!

My new furniture came today! The guys moving it into my apartment were not at all happy, due to these being very heavy and the fact that I live on the second floor. Ah well. That’s their job.

So I have a new entertainment center (actually, I’ve had that for a few weeks now), a reclining couch, and a reclining rocking chair. I really didn’t remember that the couch was a reclining couch. I guess I just forgot.

The new setup is quite nice. My old futon has moved to the office room, and these have dominated the living room. They’re fairly comfy, but they need to be worn in just a bit.

Ignore the cables everywhere. I’m still getting it all put together. I need to make some cables to run the rear speakers and everything else cleanly to the subwoofer and stick that on the side. I also need to figure out the LCD monitor. In time..

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