Corrupting little ones

My 5 1/2 year old sister Jenna and I talked on the phone this afternoon. We were discussing the Dream Theater concert, some stuff that’s going on in her life, and just general chit-chat. She started talking about how they lit a fire in the fireplace, and I told her how I wish I had a fireplace here, and maybe someday. She said, “You could come move back here!” I chuckled, as that’s a trick she’s used many times, and told her that this is really the place closest to her I could live and work at. She told me she was going to learn more about computers so that she could get a job at VMware and live near me.

She then said she had some questions about computers. She told me she knew that a computer had fans, some wires, drives, and a couple of boards. She asked what else was inside a computer. She then asked about fixing them. She described a couple of scenarios, such as it not powering on when you press the power button, and when the mouse stops moving, and asked how you would fix each one. That was new to me 🙂 So I told her, and also talked a little bit about writing programs. She now insists she’s going to learn this someday. Which is fine, if that’s what she really wants to end up doing. I just find it really cute.

5 thoughts on “Corrupting little ones”

  1. I think that is very cool.
    The only thing is what kind of language do you let her play with.
    I always thought that playing with legos.

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