Review Board has a home and a demo server!

I was stunned by the response to my post announcing Review Board. We had so much feedback and so many users signed up. Last I checked, our production server (which has so far been used as a demo/test server by others) has had over 550 registered users. Part of this was due to us being posted on reddit, which actually took down my server while I was sleeping!

Now, immediately we realized three things: 1) Sleeping is dangerous, 2) We needed a demo server, and 3) We needed a friendly home page.

I’ve been trying my best not to sleep, but that’s a ongoing project. As for the demo server, we pointed to our production server. This was, in retrospect, not the wisest of moves, as it ended up with hundreds of test comments. Not good when we’re actually using this for Review Board code reviews!

Today I addressed these problems (not the sleep part).

Behold! is born! It provides a brief overview of the features, blog posts from David and I, and a link to our new demo server.

Now that we have a proper demo server people can play with, we’re going to start cleaning up our production server. If you have an account on there but are not working with the project, it will be removed in favor of the demo server. If you’re planning to contribute and would like us not to obliterate your account, please do let us know 🙂

A lot has been happening with Review Board lately and several features are in the works. I won’t go into detail right now, but for all those who have asked, yes, we are adding CVS support and are more than happy to accept patches and proposals for Git, Monotone, BZR, etc. support.

6 thoughts on “Review Board has a home and a demo server!”

  1. Has Git support been attempted or evoked yet? I haven’t seen anything on the ML about it. The XMMS2 team has shown some interest in trying ReviewBoard with Git, but personally I’m also working on addressing the sleep issue atm.

    Also, do you think that ReviewBoard is adapted or could be extended to better support distributed SCMs (multiple repositories, etc)?

    Thanks for this great project!

  2. Git support hasn’t been attempted to my knowledge. We’d welcome a patch 🙂

    Review Board supports multiple repositories right now, but they must all be configured up-front. Given that Review Board needs source files to apply the patches to, we figure distributed SCM support would require special tool support for uploading both the source files and the patches, unless the diffs were against a publicly accessible repository.

    Review Board doesn’t yet have support for accepting source files along with the diffs, but it’s something we want to see added. If anybody wants to help with this, please let us know. I’ll be glad to discuss any ideas and help with an implementation.

  3. I suppose that it would be sane to allow to post source files through json API. Source files must have the same names and paths as in diff.
    When looking at review request in web interface there should be *very* well visible sign which told us that source files have been uploaded by submitter.
    When you make JSON api more or less stable it should be trivial to write command line tools, plugins for IDEs and even separate applications which did the job.

  4. Realizing the original post is a bit older, however I just have to drop a comment to let others know that if you are looking for software to allow for the review of code and whatnot, this is well worth the efforts. Add to that the I don’t think ChipX86 actually has been asleep since this post was published and you just have to want to learn more!

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