I’m a Bay Area software developer that specializes in desktop and web applications.

I’m co-founder of a small software startup called Beanbag, Inc., focusing on the Review Board code review product and related services.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Albert

    My workplace has something much like VMWare’s stuff (Workstation, Server, and Player) and could hire lots of developers with that sort of skill set. Our stuff is technically more advanced in some ways, but less polished because it isn’t a consumer product. We will never offshore the work and we have plenty of similar work to do. Please let the team know. They can email me.

  2. Jenny Johnston

    Hi there. I couldnt find another way to reach you since I do not have twitter or FB. I live in Chico and my dad and I have been using the Butte Public Health Dashboard to track what has been happening, creating our own spreadsheet so we can watch the numbers and see the changes. Since I have a Master’s Degree in Math, this whole situation has been SO frustrating because I feel like the dashboard is just continually altered so that it looks “good” even though things are getting grim. I just found your website and was so happy. Thank you for providing this truthfull representation of what is going on in our county. Everyone thinks our family is crazy for staying home – (we are on day 135) – but I think if others knew the REAL story of what is happening here, then more would do the same. You dont need to publish this comment. I just really wanted to thank you for the time you are putting into this. A lot of us do really care.

    1. ChipX86 Post author

      Hi Jenny! I know this is *WAY* late, but I’ve only just seen this comment. Thank you for reaching out! I hope the dashboard is still proving useful 🙂


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