VMware IPO news, and 3D in VMware demoed

VMware IPO

Wow, exciting day for VMware. For those who haven’t yet seen the news, our parent company, EMC, announced a VMware IPO. Approximately 10% of VMware is being sold. This is all news to me too, but it’s damn exciting.

“VMware is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the history of the software industry. We expect the IPO to unlock more of VMware’s value for EMC shareholders while also strengthening its ability to retain and attract the software industry’s top talent.”
— Joe Tucci

I know many people have said they would invest in VMware if it had its own stock symbol rather than sharing EMC’s. Now you have no excuse! 😉

3D in VMware Fusion

Some people, including a couple of competitors, are of the belief that nobody to date has supported 3D in a virtualized environment in any usable way, and have made claims that they’ll be the first. It’s not their fault, this wasn’t so widely known. Afterall, we’ve only had this supported and documented for two years now.

Well, cat’s out of the bag now. I was doing my usual search for VMware on Digg, and this post came up showing a video of 3D in VMware Fusion. As you can see from the video that it links to, 3D in VMware is quite usable. 🙂

Update: The URL for the digg post has moved. Fixed the link.