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New Server

Well, if you’re reading this, then the move of ChipX86.com to a new server has been successful. I’ve slowly been moving sites such as galago-project.org to a new GSX VM provided by a friend and co-worker of mine. While Linode is a fine service, it has become somewhat problematic for me lately, and I’ve been wanting to get off a UML-based system.

If people have any issues at all with ChipX86.com, please report them.


My old server, which I’ve slowly been moving away from over the past few months, was hacked just a couple of days ago. I found this out tonight and though I think I’ve cleaned it, I have been busy moving the final things to my Linode box, namely mail and one website owned by my grandpa. I’m really hoping that this goes smoothly, but if anybody can’t reach me by e-mail for a while, this is why. At least now I have a good excuse for moving the remaining things.


New website goodness

I’ve finally moved chipx86.com, my blog, and my gallery to my linode server from a fairly slow and now saturated DSL connection back home that my whole family uses. The main move happened last night, though today I realized I forgot my blog. Oops. I took the opportunity to install WordPress instead of Movable Type, and then imported my existing blog entries and set up a nice redirect setup for old blog entries. So far, so good! 🙂

The next step for me is to finish the layout I’m working on and slowly apply it to the gallery, wiki, and blog. This should be a real fun exercise.

Update: I apologize to Planet GNOME for taking over the world. Hopefully we can get this fixed soon.

When In Doubt, Explode Violently

I’ve been sick with a flu the past week, which has been annoying enough, but last night we had a slight server issue. The computer back at my parents’ house that is home to a large number of my websites (ChipX86.com in particular), my e-mail, clients’ e-mail and sites, my DNS server, and several other things stopped seeing the rest of the network and therefore the Internet. My brother and I went through a long debugging cycle over the phone before giving up for the night. Today I had him bring things back to how they were beforehand, and now it all works. I still have no idea why. *sigh*

Anyhow, I’m going to start migrating things to my linode box. I don’t quite trust the one back home to last forever 🙂 At the very least, I should get an automatic backup of all system files and the important websites going, as well as the SVN repository.

I’m absolutely exhausted now, and should sleep, but instead I’m attempting to fix this bug in a change I’m doing in VMware, and I want to get some Galago work done and play some World of Warcraft. Where to start.. Food perhaps. Now I’m rambling.

Galago updates coming soon.