Planet VMware, Planet V12n

We officially announced two new planets last night at VMware: Planet VMware and Planet V12n, both powered by Planet.

Planet VMware is a Planet for VMware employees, in the spirit of Planet GNOME and such. There are currently ten VMware bloggers on there. This will of course increase in time.

Planet V12n is designed to be the go-to source for virtualization news. Blogs and sites such as and Virtual Strategy Magazine are included, with news covering all things virtualization, VMware and otherwise. The VMware employee blogs are also shown alongside the virtualization blogs.

The planets are very new, so there’s a couple of bugs to work out. The Planet VMware atom feed is busted right now, but it’s a known problem and will be fixed shortly. Please let us know if there are any other glaring problems.

Chippy the Perfectly Sane

Figure I’d get in on this as well. Not that I’ve been prodded too much by Chris Lee or anything.

This is how I feel some days, you know, after dealing with a massive network failure, code that just won’t work, or certain users.

Chippy the Sane
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