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In my release announcement for the new libnotify and notification-daemon, I advised that people try the new release in order to see the transparent notifications for themselves. This was obviously a mistake as many people wanted to see screenshots. Silly me.

I guess I thought that this was one of those things that looked better in person than on a screenshot. I was also a bit tired and busy with other tihngs and didn’t want to put in any more effort. So I took a couple and hey, it looks pretty good anyway. My apologies. I should have done this last night.

10 thoughts on “Transparent notification screenshots”

  1. Hey Christian… that’s coming along nicely. So cool to see people also joining the fun on the bling-front. BTW, I’ll remember to add you gremlin-theme for cairo-clock in a new release.

  2. Yum, yum!

    Interesting LCD effect: at the angle I typically look into my laptop’s monitor these notifications look opaque. The more oblique the angle the more transparent they look.

  3. Will it be possible to disable the notifications globally?

    It would be nice to only see critical ones, since non-critical notifications annoy me.

  4. Chris: Not any time soon. I plan to add a control panel applet for choosing the theme and setting some basic options, so maybe I’ll add something for that, but it’s not high on my priority list. Most programs are pretty good about notifications so far and have the ability to disable them.

  5. Hello !
    Would it be possible to use cairo to draw fake transparency on systems without composite enabled?
    I know that it worked with something called ghosd ( on my computer and I don’t have composition enabled and can’t have it, my card’s a too-new (sic) ATI :'(
    anyways it could be implemented, couldn’t it? if you can hint me where to look, I’d be happy to give it a try… but I must confess I’m a bit confused by all this code in themes.c 🙂
    any more detailled planning on when to add the ability to easily theme all the notifications? like through an xml file or something?

  6. Edralzar: No, Cairo has no support for fake transparency. You may want to look into using XGL with your ATI card, which should give you compositing support as well as 3D effects.

    We’ve talked about making a theme format for notification-daemon. It’ll probably happen eventually.

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