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I got back home today from a trip to my Dad’s house. I haven’t visited him in awhile, so I went to visit for a couple of days. We took a trip to San Francisco and just kind of walked around Fisherman’s Wharf for a bit, had a good time, and caught up on stuff.

At one point, we started heading back to the car when all of a sudden, a guy on a bike headed right toward us. He screamed to get out of the way, and my dad pulled me back just before he almost hit me. I wondered for a second what his hurry was, when all of a sudden, a black van and a black car came chasing after him, full-speed. They were out for blood. It was, to say the least, a bit odd to see.. Kind of like in the movies.

Other than that, great trip. I’m looking forward to getting back to hacking on projects, and spending time with friends.. School starts Tuesday. It should be an interesting semester.

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