GalagoWatch – Presence Push

Tonight, most of the work needed for the GalagoWatch was completed. GalagoWatch is a nifty little API for saying, “I want to capture all presence info as it happens,” or “I want to capture all presence info on this service” or “on this account” or “for this user,” etc.

The API is theoretically finished, but not yet tested. I got side-tracked, and adding away status and away message support to the gaim-galago plugin, and am in the process of adding emblem support to the GalagoGtkPresenceIcon widget. Although I should really be asleep right now, I figure I’ll get that done, set the widget up with GalagoWatch support, and get most of the bugs out.

I’m told that jdub’s speech went really well. I’m hoping I can get a copy of it. It’s too bad I couldn’t be there in person to hear it 🙂

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