Galago Status – Widgets and Avatars

The past two days, I have been hacking on a new Gtk widget that will be included in libgalago-gtk. It’s a nice little subclass of a GtkEntry that includes an embedded icon, as shown below:

GalagoGtkEntry screenshot

It has a lot of work to go, but so far it’s rather nice.

Avatar development has just begun in libgalago. Avatars, aka Buddy Icons or That Little Picture of Me will be able to be pushed and received just like presence information. This is untested, but should be working by tomorrow, along with a little Gtk widget for easily displaying them.

I think the next trick is to write a general GalagoConnection API that wraps DBusConnection and allows feeds and watches to be registered to it, so that we can eliminate this one connection per feed/watch requirement Galago currently has.

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