I spent part of the day working on Mono bindings for Galago-Gtk. I now have running a C# version of the Icon Entry test that was in the previous entry. Later, I’ll write bindings for libgalago itself. What’s nice is that this will allow me to prototype much faster. I’m hoping to get someone to do Python bindings. I may handle Ruby myself. Of course, there’s no rush, as the whole system needs to be developed further.

Just a short while ago, Daniel Stone was nice enough to setup a CVS account on for Galago. It no longer has to run off my slow little CVS server here. I’ll soon get a page up and people can start playing with it.

I’m playing around with the idea of creating a little applet that displays presence info for selected user(s). I don’t know if there would be an icon per person, or one icon with a drop-down. If the later, whichever person is selected on the drop-down will be the new entry on the applet. I’d personally find it useful, and it would be a good little real-world test of Galago.

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