Moving On

Life took a bit of a turn for the worse recently, relationship-wise. My now ex-girlfriend, whom I cared deeply for, and I broke up, and it ended pretty badly. So, it’s time to move on, find someone who perhaps is more compatible, and get some code written again.

Gaim’s status rewrite is now moving along well, aside from the past few days, when I’ve just been dealing with the aforementioned issues. I still don’t have a definite ETA for completion, but the core code is now mostly there. It likely won’t be able to do some of the really complex status combinations people wanted, but that can be done through a second layer (as it should). Anything more complex than what it currently is would require a really complex API, and none of us wants that.

Galago has been moved to SVN over on, and I’ll likely get a page up soonish, after tests and other responsibilities. After I figure out a couple of design issues, support for presence feed capabilities will go in, and the work on Evolution’s Galago support will be nearly finished.

Sometime this week, I plan on finishing up a bug fix for Gaim for Qtopia and releasing 0.5. It’s long overdue, and people are waiting for some of the fixes to go in.

Just got to get my motivation back after the break-up. Metroid Prime is also sucking up my time, but that’s probably not a bad thing right now.

1 thought on “Moving On”

  1. Ah, Chipper.

    According to Wigu:

    ‘A woman is like a fine vehicle. She costs a lot, requires constant maintenance, and if you got a fast one, you gotta pay attention, cause if you make one false move you’ll end up all mangled in some lonsome ditch.’

    Hope that helps. Cough.

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