Break Time

I’m on Spring Break as of this week, and it’s a much needed break. Unfortunately, it seems the only thing I’ve done with it so far is try to fix this computer. I decided to put the 2.6 kernel on here, and though it mainly worked, the changes in the keyboard driver and a few other things did nothing but upset me. I tried working around the Linux keycode to X keycode mappings, but I have no clue how the conversion is being done.

Figuring it had to be better than nothing, I grabbed the 2.6.4-mm2 patch and tried that out. The MS Office Keyboard scroll wheel support did nothing to support my scroll wheel, and instead prevented my “6” key and spacebar from working. So, I booted back into vanilla 2.6.4, and was met with minor but still annoying filesystem corruption.

A couple more days of hacking on things, and I’m now back to the 2.4 kernel. I’ll try 2.6.4 in a few more releases. I know my main problem is really XFree86’s fault, but it seems most distros don’t want to upgrade to the new versions due to licensing issues, and I don’t see any obvious fixes.

I decided I wouldn’t code until Spring Break is over, so I could actually have some fun for a change, and have parted most IRC channels and such. Monday, I went with some friends to a budget cut protest in Sacramento, which was a lot of fun. I took some pictures of that, but the memory stick became corrupted. So, I spent my entire Tuesday working off an image of the stick, trying to rebuild the partition tables. Last night, just before bed, I managed to get the images off. I’m not trusting that stick again.

Ah well, BBQ tomorrow, and a get-together with some of the girls Friday. Should be fun.. Just, now I feel like writing code, since I’ve been forced to do that all week anyway 🙂

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