Nearing presence goodness

Although I took most of spring break off to attempt to relax (something that didn’t end up happening much at all), I’ve managed to make some really good progress with Galago. The library’s API is for the most part stable, and my work as of late has been with the daemon. Most of the functionality is there as well, though some stability issues need solving. I expect to have those issues fixed within a week. Then work begins on Evolution integration, as well as other applications.

The galago project name on SourceForge has been in use for some time, but the project is dead. I filed an abandoned project takeover request earlier this month, and today (well, yesterday now) was the deadline for the maintainers to respond, so we’ll see how that goes.

If all goes well this month with the Galago work, I should have a release out soon. I’ll get a page up before that, with example code, the details behind Galago, a FAQ, etc. Hopefully it’ll clear up some confusion that a few people still have.

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