Projects picking up speed

I’ve been making some rather good progress with both Galago and the Gaim status rewrite as of late. Galago is becoming a lot more stable, and the structure is being more fine-tuned. Interest in the project has picked up as well. I have a guy working on some patches for Galago, and possibly working on GnomeMeeting integration. The Adium, Gnumail (so I’m told), and Proteus projects are interested in using it, so we’ll be getting a MacOS X port soon.

I’m in the process now of integrating Galago into Evolution. Very little work has been done on that yet, as I started tonight, but the results so far please me.

The Gaim status rewrite is coming together, and is forcing me to remove a lot of the old cruft still in Gaim. I don’t plan to finish this before 0.80, but we’ll see.

I’ve been spending a bit too much time on these projects lately, so I decided to learn to draw. I’m rather happy with the first drawing (shaded) I attempted, although I realize it has a lot wrong with it. I can only improve, and I’m striving to do as well as my “Harem” girls (which is what my friends are calling themselves lately).

Speaking of which, at some point soon, I’m heading over to one of their houses so they can use me as a model while they draw. That should be.. interesting.

2 thoughts on “Projects picking up speed”

  1. nice drawing 🙂

    btw. it would be intersting to research that how many linux/unix developers like/read/are-obsessed-with anime/manga :>>>>>

  2. Dear Christian,

    I don’t see a link to send you email, so I hope you read my message here. I would like to run tickypip on my zaurus sl-5500. It installs fine both with the Thekompany.roms 1.0 and 2.0-3alpha, but when I start the program I get an empty select level window. I copied a bunch of netwalk levels (nw*.pdb files) in the /opt/Qtopia/share/tickypip/levels dir, but they also don’t show up. Any idea what could be wrong, which rom do you use?

    thanks, Aletta (Basel, Switzerland)

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