Random Stuff

Well, finals week is coming up. I feel relatively confident in my ability to pass my finals, though regardless, I’m not looking forward to them :). Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to prepare for school-related things the past few days.


Last night, my grandparents got into a car accident while leaving town to take a trip to Sacramento. They’re alright, though in some pain. It doesn’t look like anything is broken though. When we saw the name of our local hospital on the caller ID last night, we tensed up. I’m just glad everything turned out as good as it did.

Fun With The Girls

I’m probably taking a few of the girls to the local Concert In The Park this Saturday. It’d be a fun night of music, food, and whatever. A few of us went out last Thursday for the Farmer’s Market. We shopped around, bought presents for my friend Dell, and got ice cream. The following day was Dell’s birthday, which ended up lasting 2-3 days for some of us. Great weekend. Hopefully we’ll manage to do that more often, especially with summer coming up.


I managed to hit a rather annoying bug in galago-daemon. While I’m certain it’ll turn out to be a very simple, couple-line fix, I haven’t had the time to go and actually fix it. As soon as finals are over, I plan to get things ready for a 0.1 release, and write up the protocol docs.

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