Gaim’s MSN and Buddy Pounce Improvements

One of our Gaim patch writers, Felipe Contreras (AKA shx), sent in a wonderful patch today that he’s been working on for some time. Aside from cleaning up a lot of the MSN code, we now have support for MSN buddy icons and file transfer! There are a few bugs to work out, but it’ll still be a couple of weeks until we release, so they’ll be sorted out.

I finally got fed up with the default events and actions for buddy pounces. The defaults were to send a message (which is blank, and therefore does nothing, by default) when the buddy signed on. I felt they could be smarter than that.

Now, when you right-click a buddy in the buddy list and add a buddy pounce, it will automatically pick some sane defaults. If the user is currently idle, “Return from idle” will be enabled. If the user is away, “Return from away” will be selected. And finally, if the user is offline, “Sign on” is selected. “Sign on” is the default if no other defaults were chosen. As these are, I believe, the more popular options, and fit the scenarios people use the buddy pounces for best, these “smart” defaults should save some time.

Also, the default action(s) are now set based off the previous pounce’s enabled action(s). Those of us who always unchecked “Send a message” and checked “Popup notification,” or something similar, should rarely have to change the actions anymore.

12 thoughts on “Gaim’s MSN and Buddy Pounce Improvements

  1. Patr1ck

    Awesome, great work chip and shx!! it’s the one thing i need to finally delete MSN Messenger.

    It’s cool to think that Adium will support MSN buddy pics on OS X before MSN messenger. šŸ™‚

  2. Bobo the Clown

    It’s even cooler to think Proteus will have MSN buddy pics in the Contact list before Adium does.

  3. SWAT

    Felipe, you rock dude! Thanks a lot! MSN file transfer/picture were the only things missing. Now I can promote GAIM to my friends.
    Idea: Webcam/MSN-games support?

  4. Jan

    How do I remove a buddy pounce once activated?!? Where are these stored? I looked in the registry, can’t find any files… I attempted to add a “do nothing” buddy pounce to overwrite the previous and that didn’t work either.

  5. matthew setter

    thanks for the info on removing buddy pounce’s. I set them an they were drivin me nuts. Now they’re off and it’s all good again.

  6. jp

    can anybody think of a way to setup a buddy pounce that will send an IM to a different person than that of the person who has the pounce, insted of only having the option of sending an IM to the person who has the pounce?


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