More productivity than I thought

I finished up this week’s Galago status report, and it turns out I did a lot more than I thought I did. Sometimes I wonder where I am mentally when I work on these things.

Now comes the real trick. Before I can get a release of the core Galago components out, I have to fix up some critical bugs. The problem is figuring out what’s causing them. I’ve spent several days on each of these, but I haven’t come a whole lot closer.. Yet. Maybe I’ll have some luck tomorrow.

1 thought on “More productivity than I thought

  1. Tomasz Torcz

    Well, I think Galago rocks! I’m looking forward for integrating it with EKG2, multi IM client I’m developing with friends. I hope it won’t bite KIMProxy (sort like galago for KDE) which will be integrated too 😉


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