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Seems that Gmail users just got 3 invites to use. I’ve used one up already. Going fast! 🙂

Updated: Sorry guys, they’re gone.

8 thoughts on “Gmail Invites”

  1. i’ll take one!! please! i have exactly 3% of my yahoo account remaining and it’s getting frustrating. so i would sure appreciate one.

  2. (hum, my last comment got eaten)

    can i have one? please. i’ve got 3% of my yahoo account left before DOOM, so i sure would appreciate this.

  3. I have 27 gmail invites today for the first 27 to email me at with INVITE in the subject line. If you miss out, don’t worry your return email will be saved and you will receive an invite when I get a new batch (usually about 25 a day). Please no spam and one request per person, give everyone a chance. Duplicate email requests will effectively void your initial request, so don’t do it.



  4. Hi my name is Tracy. I am 24 years old. I just moved to the United States from Canada. I am looking for two gmails actually one for me and one for my mother so we can send digital video’s back and forth to oneanother. Can you please help.


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