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Video Card

My new ATI Radeon 9600 dual head video card came in the mail today! Although I must say, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting a new toy like this and realizing that the DVI-to-VGA adapter you thought was coming with it actually doesn’t come with it. One more day…

A second monitor is going to really help with things. I find too often that I have a few desktops full of terminals, another couple desktops of documentation and web pages, and so on. Sticking the documentation and IRC on a second monitor will really help with the clutter and constant desktop switching.

Planet Jabber

Ralph Meijer just announced the creation of Planet Jabber. As Ralph said, Jabber is more than just IM, and this Planet should be very interesting to watch.

Mmmm Bandwidth

It was pointed out to me a few days ago on IRC that SBC’s Business DSL service, which we’re on, now has faster speeds. Our service was capped at 1.5Mbps down, 128Kbps up (although we ended up getting close to 160Kbps). The new service (same price as our old) is capped at 3Mbps down, 384Kbps up. Of course, they didn’t automatically switch us over to the new speed caps, so I called them up today. By next week, we should be at the new speeds 😀 (“should” being the keyword, from my experience with DSL companies).

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  1. Yeah – i’m sitting on two monitors for about year and half. At beginning it was – uh – where do i put this window – on my left monitor or right 🙂
    But now it’s just fantastic – like – reading specs on left side and coding on right. Or – running up on right mon and writing doc about app on another. It’s really great. I wonder, why they do not ship all computers with dual monitors 🙂

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