Galacy Scam

We got our phone bill this month, and my parents noticed a charge from a company called Galacy Web Hosting. Looking back, it seems we’ve had this charge for awhile, but never noticed it (don’t ask me why). Anyhow, they called up ILD Teleservices, who Galacy was going through for the charge it seems. They were put through to Galacy web hosting, and the guy there played back a recording from January of me agreeing to sign up for web hosting and to the fee.

I remember the conversation. I did agree to do the survey, but never to web hosting. Why would I need web hosting? I do it myself, and if I grew tired of that, I know people at places who can host me for free. I am pretty confident they have digitally altered the conversation, rearranging parts of it to make me sound like I was agreeing.

I’m not the only person this has happened to. There’s a whole list of complaints about them and Integratel (they appear to be related).

My mom got the service removed, but apparently, we couldn’t get the account creditted. So I called them back. I started by calling ILD. When I mentioned Galacy, the girl on the phone just kind of sighed, and said they get this a lot about this company. They said they’ll make sure it’s off our account, and to call up Galacy. I called up Galacy and got the same person my mom got this morning in the billing department. He recognized our number immediately, and quickly said he would credit all past bills. I made him confirm this. It’s a shame I didn’t get it on tape though.

We’ll see what happens here, but if anybody gets a call from Integratel or Galacy Web Hosting, hang up immediately. Even if you don’t agree to anything, you may be agreeing to everything.

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  1. This company call me and my dads home business they asked what my possition was I simply said” I am my fathers daughter so the lady said she was going to record part of my call and when I am asked what my position was to say Manager. this company is a rip off I never agreed to anything. They said they were going to send me a letter about their company and reassured me that I was Conferming the sale of their service but I was conferming that they could send some mail. I agree that they cut up their recording to make it sound like I agreed to the service. Well if this were true then my question is why didnt they record the whole conversation beginning with hello. then they would have the truth and there would be no questioning of this matter.And yes the same as all of you others that were scamed by this company they refused to credit my account.

  2. my mom called me today jan 21, and told me she had a bill frome integratel on her phone bill fo 14 and change for internet service , i havent spoke to anyone over the phone, but did fill out some surveys recent –only a couple weeks back –in relation to an e-mail offer i got to be a secret shopper and get free gift cards to wal mart ect. i dont know if this is what happened or not but when searching the web today i found a hacker ( ive known a few– some of the originals back in the 80’s) style info site with a rather large liost of dial up connects for all sorts of communication companys, including billing depts for the same ect. ect. the list was preceded by a sarcastic legal disclaimer for the host of the list–should be an interesting month for the communications billing depts’.

  3. I have been trying for two months to get these charges credited.At the firstof the month I was given a Credit # but today was told I would have to pay the charges from 2004. The gentleman(?) on the other end was quite rude and when I threatened to report them to the KS Att’t General’s office tole me to go ahead as it was my right as a citizen, but that I still had to pay. After talking with a service rep at SBC they removed the charges of the last 4 months. I will still report the company.
    Anne Weigner, 16th Judicial Dist. CRB (Kansas)

  4. I have been calling this company since November trying to get a credit to my account, and just now the guy said there was an error when trying to credit it, and that he doesn’t even have a record of my past 2 phone calls complaining about where the refund is. And when they called me on this they promised there was no charge or anything to cancel, they just wanted to send me a sample website and if I liked it I would call them to order it. I confirmed this many times on the phone and then it turns out that there is a charge for them to send you the sample site whether you order it or not.

  5. I was just contacted by this company,
    and as they were going thru the sales pitch,
    I tapped in the company name and this posting popped up.
    I immediatly contacted SBC phone and they noted my account. However SBC stated that until a charge appears they cannot stop them from the initial charge.
    The number they called from is 201 678-0777
    located in Hackensack, NJ 07601
    800 656-1026

  6. I was also contact by this company today – never heard of them before. The woman calling was one pushy broad and hung up when I wouldn’t put her through to our company CEO.

  7. Oh Boy, I just had a bad feeling when my conversation was being recorded and I tried to confirm that I wasn’t buying anything, the exasperated operator re-started the recording, mildly scolding me for not following his script. I got a letter, called and cancelled the “service” after enduring the follow up call. Can’t wait to get the bill for being polite to them. Yikes!

  8. Our company just got an sbc bill for 41.00> we immediately called galacy, the customer service rep was inordinately rude refusing to refund this charge and the previous 4 months worth of charges. we called sbc who said they have no control over this billing. We called integretel and they put us on a conference call with galacy when the same customer service rep was again extremely rude. The integretel individual hung up on the conference call, called us back , and is crediting us back for all charges. GALACY IS A SCAM.

  9. I too am having problems with Galacy and Integretel. I feel sorry for all the people who do not look on their phone bills and just pay the monthly charges. I have not yet gotten my bill credited. Just wanted you to know that others are out there still trying.

  10. The representative (DAWN)who bullied her way through my Secretary, to my Partner and then myself was vulgar and abusive.
    She spoke in such a quick fashion that we could not understand her and she tried to get us to give her the OK to have the subscription for the web site approved.
    Once we refused, she continued and them became more abousive.
    Finally we hung up on her and reported her to the Supervisor.
    He said he knoew of her actions and would fire her. We believe he too is just as big a fool as she was. And he is a Con Artist too!
    Stay away from these folks. They are evil!

  11. Received a bill from Integretel/Galacy on our account this month for $40. Since I do my own webhosting and site development, there is no way we would have signed up for the services. When I mentioned that to the operator, I didn’t receive any of the abuse above and they quickly reimbursed us for the total charges.

    I assume they realized they couldn’t talk me into paying for it since I knew more about hosting than anyone in their organization (their own website is currently down).

    Unfortunately, they spoke to my Admin Assistant or we wouldn’t have went through this to begin with.

    If you ever have a run in with these people, I recommend using my story to quickly avoid all the hassle. Once they realize you know what you’re talking about they cave to your demands….be assertive and bs your way through it if you don’t know anything about hosting.

  12. So uve all been scammed by Galaxy or to say Galacy (thats what a galaxy is called in french i beleive). I was fired from galaxy a couple of months ago and have no regrets about it. Galacy is one of the biggest scams in the north Jersey area. I am ready to share with you the inside story of the company. If anybody is interested let me know.

  13. Some one in our household said yes to a month of free web hosting. She was an older person and thought this would be helpful to our business. Anyway, I spoke to Galacy and they said they would remove the charges, However they charged us again. Can anyone help us with this.

  14. A Galacy representative called me, said they could improve my company website, told me that I was under no obligation, said they would let me know when I could take a look at the “improved website”, then made the meticulous voice recording of the conversation.

    The “improved” website they sent me was a blank website, with my company’s name and basic info and nothing else. It included a website building kit.

    I did not respond. This month, I found a charge for $43.55 from Integretel, Inc. for Galacy Web M.

    I called Verizon, who said they were required by the PA Utility Commission to bill me for charges made by other telecommunication companies. I called and emailed Integretel, but they said I needed to contact Galacy. I did, talked to the obnoxious guy, who then payed back the digital, altered recording. In a heated discussion, he agreed to cancel the subscription, but not refund what was charged to date. He gave me a “confirmation number”. I called back again; he was very annoyed, finally saying he would refund the charges. He would not give me any transaction confirmation.

    I called the PA Utility Commission, and they are investigating my case. I’ll report back on progress.

    The ultimate issue is that the charges are done via telecommunictions, and unlike a credit card, there is no one (save possibly in this case the PUC) to go to bat for you in the case of unauthorized charges. If you don’t pay it (your phone service cannot be disconnected, by law), and Galacy Web does not make the credit transaction, after 3 months, it goes to collection and a derogatory on your credit records. So you lose all the way around.

    Hopefully, the PUC investigation will be fruitful.

    I encourage anyone scammed by Galacy to contact them, their telephone carrier (who can put the charges on hold), and their state utility commission fo assistance.

  15. I was reviewing our business telephone bill today, and I just happened to see this charge for galacy. After typing the name on the internet, I found this site and read all the info that has been posted on here and i started to wonder what this is for. Galacy says that we signed up for a 15day free trial from one a representative that called last June, and we never canceled it and now they have been charging us for that long.

  16. I just discovered that my parents have been billed $29.95 every month for at least the past year on their business lines. Not sure why they never noticed, I guess the bill is too complicated. I called 800-511-0701 to have it cancelled and they stated that they would credit us $179.70 and would cancel immediately. The company is called B2B Advantage. We’ll see if we get a credit. In the meantime, here is the website for the FCC and facts on “cramming.”

  17. I,m in a similar situation with Galacy/integretel
    I am filling out the paper work for the state consumer protection board right now. I was going to the Galacy web site, when I couldn’t get to it I googled Galacy and found all of this. My Advice is to turn them in to the consumer protection, They are already fimiliar with Integretel.

  18. I am also dealing with this unscrupulous company . I spoke with a “Mr. Black” at Galacy yesterday and he gave me his “direct line” 800-656-1026-supposedly . . .
    I asked what services they were providing to me for the $44.15 they were charging me every month. They named the website they “created” for us, wasn’t even the name of our company! They claim they sent me a piece of mail with the name of my website on it. I did not receive this, I too told them I wanted to be reimbursed for the last few months of billing. I was told this would take 4-5 weeks to determine if this would be possible.
    Next step, PUCO, BBB.

  19. Followup on March 30 Note:

    The PUC contacted Verizon, who then conducted an independent investigation, and subsequently removed the charges from my bill!

    I encourage everyone to contact your state’s utilities commission or consumer protection agency.

  20. Additional Followup

    I received a letter in the mail today from Integretel, letting me know they “have issued an adjustment for the two months” charged to Verizon, and that they cancelled the account was as well.

    The PA PUC works!

  21. Wayne D. Lawton

    My wife got a call from a very pushy saleslady – who spoke so loud and so fast, asking questions about our home business. Next thing we knew we were billed $39.95 plus taxes for a Galacy Web Site.

    Yes, they have a recording – I heard my wife say “Yes” to what she thought was a free service – but unless we called in with 15 days we would be billed $39.95 a month.

    We don’t recall receiving anything through the mail – and if it came we thought it was “junk mail” since it was saying we wanted a Web Site which we did not want.

    How can this sort of telemarketing be stopped?

    Wayne D. Lawton
    Elizabethtown, PA

  22. My version of the scam was perpetrated on my fifteen year old son,who told this woman that he was not interested a nd that she would have to call back later when his parents were home.She never called back and I still got a 39.95 bill on my Verizon statement.Thank God I checked my phone bill or I never would have questioned it.I would like to scam them somehow…

  23. I get calls all the time from people trying to get me to agree to check out a website that was designed for the company I work for. I have REPEATEDLY asked them not to call back, but they always do. This morning, I got a call from a man named David with Galacy. He was extremely rude and pushy. By the time I hung up on him, we were in the middle of a full blown screaming match. He wanted me to say, on tape, that I was authorized to make the decision to consider the website. When I said no, he tried to get me to say that I was authorized to accept the info thru the mail. I said no, just to keep him from sending it, and he frieked out!! I hope someone can shut these @$$wipes down!!!!!!!

  24. Hello everyone,
    Same scenrio has happened to us. I have been trying to get this $41.15 (which includes $1.20 Federal Tax) off my Verizon Phone bill since Decemebr 6th, 2004. Verizon should be held liable also for allowing them to bill through their Company. They get a kick back for anything they have billed thru their Company. I am going to contact the N.Y.S. Attorney Generals Office which I’m sure will move like a snail on this as they do with every other complaint. I just received a shut-off Notice from Verizon this month (April 2005) for not paying my bill. They will be hearing from me Monday. As far as I’m concerned ALL these phone Companies are part of this SCAM. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!
    Sherry & Charles..UpState NY

  25. I must admit, I’ve been crammed too. I was looking over the company phone bill today and noticed the charge from Galacy/IntegreTel. What the heck? I called our local web provider and asked if this was something we need. He immediately Googled Galacy and up popped all the garbage on this company.

    I immediately called SBC, our phone provider, and they happily credited every penny we’ve paid Galacy/IntegrelTel. They also said they would contact Galacy to advise we had not authorized these charges. SBC further advised not to pay ANY future charges that may appear on our bill.

    I remember a few months ago when I kept getting calls from someone trying to give me a month’s worth of free web hosting. We already have a website, why would I agree to that??? Anyway, that’s probably when they signed us up for their ‘service’.

    What a learning experience!

  26. I was at my parents home today in Michigan and my mom showed me a charge on their SBC telephone bill from Galacy. They do not have a computer so they would not have agreed to a web site. Galacy said that they would cancel the service but they would have to pay charges on their current SBC bill. I have a call into SBC to see if anything can be done from their end and am also turning them into the state Consumer Protection Commission. Watch out!

  27. I have just been slammed or whatever by Galacy for webhosting that does not exist. I talked to someone several months ago from some web company and told them no. Now I have a new $44 bill on my telphone bill. I will not pay it. What agency can you complain to?
    James W. Carter

  28. it aint a scam yall people are idiots i work for emmm just hang up ya dummy…somehad to say yeas for it to be sent out then you call back in 15 days and cancel…you people are dumb and i’m bout to start makin good money off yall idiots…

  29. Phillips Diner

    This morning I opened my business phone bill and saw the charge from Galacy.I called my local phone company and they told me to call the 800 number on the bill which was Integretel.I did that and was connected immediately with Galacy,I talked to the man on the line and said why would I want another web site and he said he didn’t know but he would cancel the charge.No arguement at all and I was ready for one.I think your local phone co should be responsible for this as it comes in their invoice.

  30. if they call hang up…. talked to them several times to remove charges…they said they sent back a refund…called each month.. they said it took 3 months to reach SBC… wow what a suprise when the guy i spoke with is gone, let go they say because he was not giving correct answers…I never agreed to anything, got nothing, But their tape recording stating i did is cropped. indicated that there was a 15 day trial and i had to respond or charges would be incurred… what a joke… my best suggestion is simply HANG UP.. call SBC and have all your lines BLOCKED.

  31. I received a charge for $41.15 on my SBC bill from a company called Integretel on behalf of Galacy. I first called Integretel and Jane, the CSR, referred me to Galacy Customer service @ 800-656-1026. She was rude! I spoke to Bob Dolan at Galacy, he states I will have the service termed and will get credit. I remember getting a call from a guy regarding Web Design. I did not agree to it, told him we were not ready for this, and when I did get to it, I have a friend who could help me. The guy kept saying it was free and bla, bla,bla….I almost agreed until he kept reading an automated recording and I did not like the way it was worded. I kept interrupting him and he had to start all over and that “pissed” him off! I then told him I was not interested and hung up on him. I have reported Galacy to SBC and they have sent a complaint to the CPUC for me. I told the SBC customer person that I am shocked that companies are allowed to put a charge on my phone bill without my consent. She stated they have no control due to regulations. Unfortunately, there are people actually asking for services to be added to their bill. It’s a convenience……….!!!!!That’s fine when you request this service, but I did not request this.

  32. I was scammed also. Just realized out company was charged for 3 mos. I called galacy-no satisfaction. I called Integretel and a supervisor is to call me back. Last, I called Verizon and they are crediting out account for all of the money & putting a block on our account so this cannot happen again (the block is free). So you should call Verizon. Good Luck

  33. My story is going to seem like a broken record, but I’m happy I am not the only one who was tricked into this scam.

    Before I called Integretel, who then forwarded me onto Galacy, I came across this site. I read all of your stories and used that as ammunition against this horrid company. I even recorded our conversation. When I told the Galacy representative that I was recording the conversation, he asked why. I informed him that I was going to trick him into saying yes to the claim that Galacy are no better than panhandlers on the streets of a major city. Apparently, he didn’t like that and asked why I had a ‘bad attitude’. From there on out, many things were said that wouldn’t be respectable to post due to me flying off the handle, but he gave me a cancellation confirmation number. I told him that if my one charge wasn’t refunded, I was going to fly to their city and verbally reprimand every one of their employees while tape recording it and sending it in to the local news.

    Just FYI, I sent in a letter to 3 major newspaper companies (Chicago, LA and NY) in opinionated form that should grab some attention. Hopefully it’s published soon.

  34. A few months ago some fast-talking female tried to sell us a website building kit. We use Dreamerweaver MX, so we said forget it. She then asked us to wait on the line for “verification.” Since we didn’t agree to anything, we answered a few questions and let it go. Bang. $82 charge per month. These jokers want $82/month as a web hosting service. Blue Host charges a little over that for a year, and Blogger is free. Anyhow, we complained to Southwestern Bell Customer Service and they got some guy with a foreign accent who called himself “Martin Thompson” on the line. He played back the tape, got very prosecutorial and asked if that was my voice on the phone, but then I pointed out that there was no recording of me agreeing to anything. He then agreed to credit the charges back to my bill. I complained to SBC and the PUC about this company, but I’m under the impression they can’t or won’t do anything about it. I suggest going straight to the state Atty General.

  35. One of the principals behind Galacy is a man named Uriel P. Tedgi, 39, of Fort Lee, NJ. You can get more info on him, including background by going to US Search. One of his old cell phone numbers is 917-334-7369. He’s tied up with a thing called AllBox Gift World. His office address is 85 Atlantic Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601. He’s had 5 addresses in Philadelphia, and 1 in NYC. Another principal is a man named John Berckmoes, the guy behind (remember them?). Call Eliot Spitzer.

  36. well, today my bank statement showed a suspicious entry worth $40.01. i called the bank and they said it’s a company called ILD Teleservices. I don’t know that company and I haven’t used my debit card for the last 8 days and the transaction happened 7 days ago.


  37. Today we looked at our phone bill and saw a charge for Integretel. We called the phone company to ask what that charge was. We were told that it was some sort of voice mail service. We have voice mail in our phone package so we knew we did not want or had not ordered any other voice mail. She gave us an 800 number to contact Integretel (1-800-736-7500). I contacted Integretel immediately. I was told that they were simply a billing company for “a residential voice mail service”. I was given their 800 number (1-800-331-0641). While I sat on hold I googled and found THIS site. Got a little concerned. I started thinking about last week when I spent days pulling all sorts of programs out of my pc, trojans, spyware, etc. It meant switching back and forth from safe mode to try to delete the survey programs. Well, my fears were confirmed when the CSR got on the line and had my address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, an email address that i only use for business purposes, and my D.O.B.! she said a website called EZtrack had processed my order. i assumed it was a music site. I dont go to music sites, only my daughter. Because she is 13 and not legally able to make a contract, they credited my account and gave me a confirmation number. I asked my daughter what EZtrack was…she said she only goes to Yahoo music. she even showed me her favorites. Now i suspect a piggyback program or something. Nobody in my house has heard of EZtracks site. Going to check into that part of it more. Beware. Keep your firewalls up, keep your AV up to date, and never ever give out information on the internet. The ONLY place i have ever put that type of information in was my banking site…so, now, i worry that if it was infact some sort of key logger, who else has my info??

  38. Galacy was on my phone bill 3 months in a row for $43.00. I too had a strange feeling I was being recorded…but only parts of the conversation. ANYWAY, I called 800-656-1026…chose option 1 (sales) and spoke with a man named Bob Dolan, he gave me a confirmation number, and said it would be taken off my bill. We’ll see.

  39. Took over the office of my father’s business this past May. Found on the phone bills charges from Galacy for $41.00 every month. Asked father about it and he said that he thought that the old office manager got a web site for the company. Long story short…..He has NO web site, NEVER has!!!!!!! Called in June spoke with Ed Cooper…he said he would do a fancy ewb site for father’s biz. NOTHING TO DATE!! Called today didn’t know what # to push so I just push # 1 (sales). Martin answers phone asked for my phone number then puts me on hold. Another guy picks up asks for the phone number again and then gives me a Cancelation number, saying that my web site will be canceled as of today!
    I hang up the phone and process it all……I NEVER Said that I was calling to cancel my web site (although that is why I called)
    I called back 10 minutes later and spoke with Martin again (they must be all in a SMALL basement) told him I called gave him my number and he checked and said “your website was canceled 10 minutes ago” I told him that I NEVER said that is why I was calling and he laughed!!
    Asked for address of company & name of President or CEO of company and he said I could direct all letters or such to Bob Dolan (he’s the “General” Manager)
    This Group is nothing but a bunch of SCAMMERS taking money for people…….How do I go about reporting them to someone and try to get back some of my father’s money!!

  40. Please dont take these people’s services its JUNK JUNK JUNK they just tried to brainwash me. I just worked for them today i was on the phone for 2 hours and i talked to 2 firemen and like 5 churches just picture me talking to firemen and trying to selling webhosting…. great fucking Database ) worse company ever.

  41. It is rather ridiculous what we have to go through to get people to leave us alone. They tried scamming me, and I kept making them repeat their script over and over again. You see they have to have it perfectly recorded in your voice on their tape without any questions by you or it messes them up. So what I did was keep asking them questions in the middle of his “verification process.” After about the 15th time he was getting very pissed and asked me if I had any other questions before he started again, and I said I would not stop asking questions. He asked why – and I said “To waste your time – because as long as you are trying to scam me then you can’t be scamming someone else.” He promptly hung up and I called back and asked when I would be receiving my information – just to double check that it was not processed – AND THEY HAD PROCESSED IT ANYWAY!!!! So I cancelled it and told them they don’t want to mess with me because I WOULD become their worst nightmare. I then sent a letter to the Attorney General of Ohio. We’ll see what happens – but I dare them to bill me….Tell ALL your friends and relatives so it doesn’t happen to them.

  42. I just found the Galacy/Integretel info on my phone bill too. I called and was told my father verified information and authorized them to give us webhosting. I remembered him telling me someone had called about doing it and were supposed to send us some brochures in the mail. Never received them and suddenly I’m getting charged $41.15 a month for something I know nothing about. I spoke to someone named Martin Thompson who started YELLING at me when I told him I wanted it all cancelled, credited etc. or I was going to the NY State Attorney General for fraud. He insisted it was valid, played me back the tape (which did sound cut and pasted) and tried to give me grief. I told him he was full of crap — we’ll see whether or not anything comes of it but I’m glad to know we’re not the only ones who got taken in. (If I had been on the phone, I’d have hung up on them but my dad’s 78 and was probably trying to help.)

  43. THE LESSON IS TO BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO! ALSO BE CAREFUL FROM WHO YOU WORK WITH! There are not only fraudulent people, but fly-by-night fraudulent companies too. I have also been the victim of credit card fraud, but of a different variety. I ordered some product from the company, The Chocolate Bear, located in Benicia California ( a couple of years ago. In the past 6 months they have charged my credit card twice… even though I haven’t purchased from them again! Trying to call them, their phone number did not work and I received no answer from my emails! I learned that I could reverse the unauthorized charges on my credit card and change my credit card number, but there was nothing I do to alert anyone else who might be a victim! There are many people who don’t even check their credit card bills… or do so only infrequently, and so the people at The Chocolate Bear/American Confections are obviously just trolling through old receipts. You can also report to the Better Business Bureau (look one up in your area. For this one, it was and that I could also file a report for internet fraud (go to If you are a victim of this or any company, make sure to (1) place a report witht he IFCC (as they can shut down the website, which they will apparently do if they get enough complaints), (2) don’t just cancel your credit card but alert them to what has happened, and (3) place a report with the BBB (does little good, but give it a try), it can’t hurt. If any other suggestions, please comment… it is terrible that these people get away with such things! I’m sure that there are a lot of people like me looking for what to do (so I say again: at least do numbers 1 and 2 above!)

  44. I have also been crammed by Galacy. Same story as the rest of you. It is very important that we all take time to report this to as many agencies as possible. Furthermore, I was told by the FCC that it is the Federal Trade Commision that handles cramming issues. You can file a complaint with the FTC via their web site. I will also be contacting the NJ BBB, the Hackensack NJ newspapers, TV news, Chamber of Commerce, Ohio (my state) and NJ Public Utilities Commision and the NJ Attny General. I’ll call Bob Dolan’s (General Manager of Galacy) mom if I have to. Take the time to file your complaints. Do not let these scum bags win. They are a threat to everyone trying to make an honest living. Stay angry and pursue Galacy with the same fervor they use to scam us.

  45. I to was robbed by Galacy. The Hosting Fee was charged on my Sprint phone bill. Called Spint and they took care of the malicious charges. They were very quick about it. They also place a block on my account from this ever happening again. I hope this helps.

  46. Galacy got me too, however i noticed the first charge on my Sprint bill and nevcer paid it. I contacted Mr. Black with Galacy in August 2005 and he said he would credit it and that it would take 4 to 6 weeks for the credit. I talked to them again in Oct and December of 2005 and it is still on my Sprint bill in January 2006. I called Sprint today and they conference called Galacy, the supervisor would not give his name and was extremely rude to me and the Sprint representative. He assured us that there was a credit issued on December 28, 2005 at 9:06AM and it would take 6-8 weeks for the credit to appear. When he played the recording all that I said was I was in charge of making financial decisions for our company, never did i agree to a charge. Sprint then proceeded to put a third party billing block on our phone. If you don’t have a block like this I would highly recommend it.

  47. I was just screwed by Galoacy as well. THey had a high pressure sales guy named Paul who just would not give up until I agreed. What I agreed to was 39.95 for them to give me a sample of what htey can do and then I would pay a one time charge for unlimited revisions for $599. What I got was a worthless site that they had charged my credit card for almost $1000 dollars before my accountant bought it to my attention. Thay have numerous complaints with the BBB and I am fighting to get my mony back. I have printed your comments as additional proof. If anyone has any sugguestions, please let me know.

    Frustrated Entrepreneur

  48. Integratel got me too. Long story short…they charged me $41.20 for a 2 minute 900 call for “web access”. Since my wife and I aren’t into 900 numbers, and my two year old twins aren’t computer literate, I called Integratel to dispute the charges. I spoke to Tamethea the first time, and although she was rather confrontational (probably a reaction to my tone after reading this blog), she was quick to promise a credit within 1-2 billing cycles…almost too quick. When I called BellSouth back to fill them in, they stated there would be no account to credit it to, since I had recently closed my account as a result of a move. I called Integratel back, and spoke to April, who told me they had to submit the credit through BellSouth first, and when it was rejected, I had to call them back to be issued a voucher. Again, the response was way too quick, and I’ll reserve my final judgement for 60 days from now. The bottom line, they had no recording of me, had no evidence I requested any service, and didn’t have a leg to stand on. Oh yeah, I did mention this blog to them and the countless complaints…I guess I’ll remain naive enough to believe that helped…We’ll see…

  49. Galacy is a major scam operation. I phoned the Public Service Commission for my State – Florida 1 (800) 342-3552 and filed a complaint. I have to FAX the PSC my phone bills and they will be contacting GALACY and having my Sprint account credited. Report them to everyone. I also phone Federal Trade Commission and reported “cramming” and the FCC and filed Form 475. REPORT the scam.

  50. Man they got me too. At work. I didn’t sign up for a web site. We have had one for years. I don’t do the billing around here, and I guess we don’t look over the phone bill well enough. 2 years they got us for 40 bucks a month. They service rep was a jerk. I told him that I don’t have time to mess around and that I know what’s going on, give me my money back, or hear from my lawery. Total dick. HE ask me if I could spell Atlantic. Just so everyone knows, their address is 85 Atlantic Hankensack N.J 07601. I think that’s correct. I was pretty pissed writing it. There are a lot of scammers out there trying to take money that they don’t earn. The world is a sometimes pityful place due to these assholes.

  51. I hope some of you that have been scammed by Galacy will follow up on this post. I have contacted Chris O’Donahue at WWOR in New York. His number is 800-249-6397 (800-CH9-NEWS). Chris is part of the Investigative Division of Channel 9 News. I spent 40 minutes with him explaining the Galacy Scam. He seemed genuinely concerned and interested. Perhaps a few more calls from some of you might persuade Channel 9 to go knock on the doors of Galacy. Don’t let these thieves win. There is no difference between Galacy and some low-life crook that breaks into your home and takes your property.

    My call was a result of yet another interaction with “Michael” at Galacy. Oddly, Michael sounded just like Ted from a few months ago. Ted told me back in February that my credit for the unauthorized charges would appear on my March statement. Of course, it did not. When I called Galacy on April 21st, Michael (Ted) said the credit was not issued because I had used foul and argumentative language. Doing my best to remain calm, I insisted the credit be issued immediately. He said the credit would appear within 5 weeks and gave me a reference number of FC117. This is the same reference number he have me in February.

  52. I too have been crammed by Itegretel. My phone bill however was not charged by Galacy but by a 900 # from Atlantic Management.

    My husband called the number SBC gave us and inquired about the charges. They told him that the 900 # was contacted through our internet motem and that a small software program was downloaded to our computer. They said that there were 2 confirmation messages sent that required us to confirm the charges. Nothing like this happened – I’m telling you!

    My husband told them we did not intend on paying for the charges and told them that I would be getting back with them. When I called them right back, they informed me that my husband had just called in and had agreed to pay the charges. I told them they were crazy! I hung up and told my husband. He was furious. He called them back to tell them that they were falsifying information and when he did they replied with offering a 50% reduction in the charges. He said – “No way- we’re not paying it” and told them we would be back in touch.

    They had given both of us a website to better understand the charges ( I went there and have no idea what this site is. There was no explanation there!!!

    I got online and typed in Integretel and this site came up. Thank goodness someone started a blog on this scam! After reading some of the blogs, I called Integretel and demanded they remove the erroneous charges. Before they even had a chance to talk, I told them that if they didn’t remove the charges in full, that I would be contacting every agency I could find. They complied!!! They asked me a few questions about who might have been home to authorize the transaction on the internet in the first place, etc. I was firm and did not back down.

    One thing I did add to our conversation was that I didn’t understand how she could honestly sleep at night working for a company who scams money from innocent individuals.

    My advise is to call Integrel at 800-736-7500 and demand they remove the charges. Threaten, threaten, threaten. Call your phone company and put a block on all 900 #s.

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