Perfect timing, Yahoo

Yahoo has blocked third party clients again. This is part of their master plan to drive away users, I mean, fix the spam issue. Not that I’ve experienced a spam issue yet, but I’m probably just lucky. Most third party clients use the same authentication code to connect, and Yahoo just exploited a bug or lack of something in the code.

This is all great timing, because we’re releasing Gaim 0.79 tomorrow. For now, we are using the web method to connect, but this has a number of disadvantages. For example, you can’t add or remove buddies.

Despite Yahoo’s attempts, I’m sure they realize this is only going to keep third party clients off temporarily. Sure, they’ll change it again. So will we. Yahoo, some people don’t want to use your client, and your Linux version quite frankly sucks. Don’t push us away. Share the love!

2 thoughts on “Perfect timing, Yahoo”

  1. Yahoo really sucks. I don’t want to waste 30mb resources just for chatting. So I use Gaim 🙂 But the bad things is that Gaim displays nothing when somebody send me a invitation. It is better to tell the people I can not accept invitation than doing nothing.

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