Jenna’s Firsts

Today was a first for my little sister Jenna in a couple of ways. We went to the local bowling alley for my brother’s birthday party. It was Jenna’s first time bowling, and she had a blast. She used one of those little ramp things for kids, which I remember using in the past once or twice. However, unlike when I used one, she actually carefully aimed it. She did a rather good job, I’d say, since she got a number of strikes in a row, and a number of spares. She had it down pretty well.

After Jenna’s first strike, she jumped up and down with her arms in the air and shouted, “SCORE!” 🙂

Later, Jenna asked me to show her how to tie her shoe. She’s been eager to learn this lately, so I went to help show her. She insisted on actually doing it herself, but needed guidance in some parts. All in all, she had the process down, but just had trouble getting the shoe lace to move how she wanted it. With only minor help from me, she succeeded in tying her shoe. It was a Kodak* moment.

* Kodak is a trademark of Kodak. Slogan used entirely without permission. Please don’t sue me.

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