Impending Galago release

Welp, I’ve been thinking about it, and with everything coming up in my near future (possible full-time job, and if not, school), and with the current state of Galago, it may be time to do an initial release. It’s Mostly Stable (TM), and the best way to get some bug reports in is if people use it. After I evaluate the possibility of getting some certain code working some time this next week, I’ll be making my decision regarding its release.

Unfortunately, the Evolution integration won’t be part of the first release (although the Evolution-Data-Server feed will be). I plan to build some custom packages of Evolution and E-D-S based on the unstable 1.5.x releases and my patches a bit after the initial Galago release. We’ll see how that goes.

I have some scary-neat ideas coming up for some of this technology.

Update: Happy birthday Todd!

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