Partial family visit

My mom and my little sister Jenna stayed the weekend with me in my new place. Jenna was so thrilled. She thought it was a special treat just for her, getting to see her big brother. We went swimming and she showed me how she’s now able to jump off the side of the pool and how long she can dunk her head underwater. Man, it was great. Being around my little sister can be so much fun. It’s just always hard to see her go.

I spent so much money this weekend on apartment stuff. I’m already cringing at the thought of the credit card bill. On the upside, the apartment now has lights in every room, I have a place to stick my CDs, DVDs and videos, and I have more “real” cooking utensils. Like, a can opener, and measuring cups that don’t bend when they have stuff inside.

In a few weeks, if all goes according to plan, they, along with at least one of my brothers, will be visiting again. Should be fun, but I’m going to have to lock the credit card up.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m way too oblivious. When I have nearly everybody around me pointing out how I’m not picking up signals from various girls, it’s bad. It’s even worse, though, when a couple of really hot girls are trying to get your attention and you don’t even realize it until your mom of all people points it out. I see it now, of course. Hindsight’s 20/20 and all. Ah well. I’m not looking to get into the mess of a relationship any time soon again anyway.

Work tomorrow, and more Galago and notification spec hacking. Both of which are going well, but need some work still.

Todd Berman is such a liberal hippie.

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