Various Updates

I don’t blog as often as I should anymore. So, here’s another general update on stuff.

I released 0.4 of the Desktop Notifications Spec tonight. No, people, it does not allow XML + CSS or XSLT or XEMBED or sound or anything else. It does support enough to be useful, without going overboard. I think it’s getting to be a very good spec, and I’m about ready to call it done, after a few more (sane) discussions.

Galago .NET bindings are coming along nicely. Galago# itself works rather well, and I’m working on GalagoGtk# now. The one problem is that Gtk# supports Gtk 2.2, not 2.4, and I have some 2.4-only widgets in libgalago-gtk. So, I’m going to have to provide 2.2 alternatives. *sigh* Once that’s all done, GalagoGtk# should be ready as well, and the Beagle and Tomboy guys can have some fun with them.

I must say, Tomboy is very cool. It Just Works (TM) and I’m already finding it very handy. Kudos, guys! Now if only I could auto-link #123456 to Bugzilla entries at work. Hmm…

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