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My post from June 14, 2004, Galacy Scam, seems to now be #4 for a Google search of Galacy, #1 for Galacy Scam, and #1 for Integratel Scam. Probably due to this, a few people have been commenting. It seems their shadey business practices (altering phone conversations, billing us for services we don’t have, etc.) are still going on. I’m rather glad that my previous entry is getting some attention, so that others will have a place to turn to and know they’re not the only ones getting scammed, especially since has appeared to be down for some time. I just want to see Galacy/Integratel shut down.

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  1. I also seem to be in thier clutches !!! They called me a few months ago and asked me to review some website they designed for my home business. I said I would review the site but that I didnt want billing on my phone bill that even if I did want to use thier services I would be interested in paying by check or credit c ard not on my phone bill. The person of course already had my pohone number on thier file. I never recieved the information package but the phone bill just arived and BEHOLD not one but 2 months billing charged to my bill from them and on top of that I was also billed another 13 bucks for some voice mail or somnething so the service they said would be 39 buck a month if I accepted it became 101 and some change. When I called to complain they had nothing to say about the extra 13 bucks and then informed me no matter how many days in a month they would be billing me every 28 days. I am not paying any of the charges as I already informed my phone carrier. Although even the simplest thing seems to be a deception when they told me what it would cost they said I would be billed each calander month not each 28 days that would mean I would be billed for 13months a year hmmm I have never seen a year with 13 months yet I guess its a new thing.

  2. People be aware. This is a scam. I was told that I would receive information in the mail and also that I would not be billed until after I had opportunity to review the material. If not satisfied I would just have to call to cancell. I never received any information. I was contacted on Dec. 21 or 22, a very busy time for all of us and I didn’t realize what I was being asked to do. I received a charge on my phone bill and when inquired about it I was told to call the “other” company, the other numbers. Needless to say they graciously cancelled my “subscription to their service” however, I was told I had to pay for this past month of service that I didn’t even know I had.

    Be aware

  3. I recieved my phone bill for this month(January)and noticed a charge fom IntegreTel for a 900 number that was dialed from my phone number on a Monday morning at 12:19 AM. I find that somewhat amusing considering Im 9 months pregnant and go to sleep no later than 10:30pm. What was strange is they couldnt have used my computer to do it, because it was not plugged in. In fact, Ive never even heard of the company before this bill! The phone call lasted for 19 minutes and they charged me $77.25 for the call. I guess Im going to call them and the BBB. If they dont do anything I have a wonderful lawyer who will go after them for no charge. This company needs to be shut down for good!

  4. I got hit too. Two months on my phone bill for about $84. I called and they played me my recording. But I never signed up for anything- It was supposed to start after a trial period and perusal of a package that never arrived. I’ll take my lumps and chalk it up to experience. What I want to know is did thebills stop after you called to cancel?

  5. I also received a billing oon my verizon bill, could not contact “Galacy”, called verizon and they removed it from my bill.

    Just another scam. Verizon is also blocking any other chargers from “galacy” or other scams from being added to my bill

  6. I was scammed last Aug when I agreed to review some info to be received in the mail. Never received the info, but got dinged for $39.95+tax hosting fee for Aug. Called Galacy (800) 656-1026 (Michael Williams – rude fellow) and was told it was a mistake and I would be credited. The charge stopped after the first month, I’ve yet to be credited though I’ve called each month. Until I just Googled, I thought I was alone. Tomorrow I plan to call the National Fraud Info Center (800) 876-7060. Suggest y’all do the same. Donna

  7. I just got scamed too by Galacy and Integretel won’t do anything. They are both scamers and I will be filing complaints with the authorities in my state and New Jersey where they say they are from. I just called and thought they would straighten this out but the guy said they had a recording of me agreeing to their 15 trial and then I never canceled after that period. I never agreed to it and I know they altered the recording. I see I am not alone and thanks everyone for your input. I will file with the National Fraud Info Center. If I can find anything else to stop this I will let you know. This is what gives the internet business a black eye.

  8. Integratel got me, too. I opened my Centurytel regular phone bill and found over 400 dollars of computer-generated calls to a 900 number. I live alone and am very “savvy” about not opening popups, etc.
    It makes my blood boil.
    Anyone know of a great blocker for the computer to stop ALL downloads without permission?

  9. I just got my phone bill and had a charge as well that was unauthorized. I have requested that my phone company (SBC) contact me in the future before they put any charges on my bill and I will tell them whether to do so or not. I also told them if they do not agree to do this I would be looking for a different carrier. I just don’t understand how places can do this without us being notified.

  10. Hello All – Yes the scam is still going on and now it got me from July 2005 through November 2005 – Yes, they altered my employees phone conversation and I began getting $44 charges every month from SBC – I did not catch the scam until after 5 months of charges – I yelled and screamed at them and threatened contacting the states attorney and local TV stations – They promised me a full refund – I wonder what the chances are of actually getting the refund – I contacted SBC and they said they would look into it – Somehow I don’t think that will help much – Is there not something we can do to get rid of them once and for all?

  11. I worked at Galacy for 3 months and I wasn’t meeting the sales quota – partly because I was honest with all I talked with. The sales team for the most part was professional, but the telemarketing side was full of riff-raff. Needless to say they let the whole sales staff go 2 weeks before Christmas – save for one person named Vernon. Vernon is a great guy, and was a hard worker and very intelligent about the web.

    The side that calls and gets you to agree on the phone to the web trial is the telemarketing side.

    I don’t know if this will help or not. They are located in New Jersey – just 20 minutes from the New York Jets football stadium. Uriel is an owner of the company – call for him and let him know what is going on – he may help.

  12. Chris O'Donoghue

    On Dec. 8, 2005 at 2.51 pm “Michael” posted to the Galacy Scam that he was a former employee of Galacy. I am a Producer at a local tv station near Hackensack where this company is located. We would like to investigate this scam. We need to contact Michael to help us penetrate this scam. Can you please put him in touch with me or ask him if you can share his contact info with us? Thank you.

    Chris O’Donoghue
    Producer I-Team
    My 9 News

  13. I worked there for 2 days. They never paid me for that. I sensed this was a scam from day one.. i remember during cigarette breaks the women saying things to eachother like “you ever hang up from a call, and want to take a shower because you feel so dirty?” It was VERY depressing. The guy who ‘trained us’ was named Mookie. The woman who managed me was a big bull dyke named Inger. The company was incredibly sleazy.. I walked out during my training and never looked back. Its amusing and weird to discover this site tonight.

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