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So I had the most amazing weekend. My girlfriend Jamie came down to visit. We hung out for a bit on Friday and then went to a nice Japanese restaurant near my apartment called Fuki Sushi. It was a very nice looking place, decorative, and the waitresses were even wearing kimonos. Next time we go, we’re going to reserve a spot in the back where we take off our shoes and eat sitting down on the ground at a table. The rest of the night, we just cuddled, watching anime and Dead Like Me.

Saturday, we got up and, after a while, took a tour of where I work. While there, we played some DDR and had some snacks. We then headed to the other building our company owns and watched some ducks splash around in one of the ponds. We walked around in there and saw that building, and just kind of sat around talking. Next, we went to Frys Electronics. While there, we picked up a copy of Soul Calibur 2, which we played later that night. She kicked my ass.

Our next stop was to a furniture store that I went to in November. The people who ran the place actually remembered me, and even remembered where I moved from. We were a bit shocked there. Anyhow, I picked up a couple of book shelves and a nice little wine rack.

For dinner, I took her to The Cheesecake Factory. Despite the 50 minute wait, it was really good, and she seemed to like it, especially the cheesecake 🙂 We spent the rest of the night playing Soul Calibur and just kind of goofing around, talking about things, etc.

Sunday morning, she had to leave. We had a nice breakfast before she left, but it was hard to say goodbye. All in all, though, it was a great visit. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely, and I can’t wait until we do it again.


I’ve been playing with Fyre quite a bit lately. It’s a very awesome program, and they just released version 1.0.0. Cluster support and undos were just added (thanks scanline and purple_cow!). It’s a great way to waste some time 🙂

Electric Storm
Electric Storm


I’m also contemplating putting out a Galago release soon. It’s been kind of semi-frozen for a long time. Work’s been done, but there’s not much else to do until people start playing with it. So I’m going to test it with D-BUS CVS and see how it works, and then start putting together some autopackages together. I need someone to build Ubuntu debs. I’d rather not spend much time on that myself. If anyone’s interested in packaging for any distro, please let me know, and feel free to drop by #galago on irc.freenode.net.

6 thoughts on “Weekend of Yay!”

  1. That sounds like Boston. I know just the Japanese restaurant that you’re talking about. I call it Rock ‘N Roll Sushi, but I think that’s just some special thing they do once a week.. I love that place. Really good Lo Mein (I think that’s what came on the side). You don’t really sit on the ground in the back; there’s a hole underneath the table where you can put your feet. The Cheesecake factory is also I excellent. Oh how I miss Boston.

    Glad you and your girlfriend had a good time in Beantown.

    (If you’re not talking about Boston, then damn!, I say, damn!)

  2. Hahaha. It sounds exactly like Boston. There’s a Japanese place just like you described, and a Cheesecake factory just down the street. Amazing how I couldn’t have been more off.

  3. Very interesting weekend , it has two of my favorite things Japanese food and video games ( Soulcaliber 2 rocks .

    Hmmm Fyre is indeed an interesting piece of software I wonder if it’s possible to merge its animation effects with Flash

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