I can’t see.

Let there be light!

Now then, I’d like to say that I applaud bringing awareness to this issue, but we’re preaching to the choire. Preventing users from getting support and reading gnome.org and Planet GNOME will only serve to piss off the users. They might read the message, but I doubt they’d be any more receptive to it. Everyone who does care probably already knows about it.

The message at the top is good, and we should draw attention to it, but please, let’s let people actually see the sites. This does not look professional.

I’d like to point out that there are some good blog entries about this subject on Planet GNOME that people are missing due to the blackout.

And with that…

Back to the dark ages!

(This is directed to Planet GNOME. It doesn’t make sense anywhere else.)

5 thoughts on “I can’t see.”

  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous hack.
    Probably we will have to start talking about security issues in content aggregators now though.

  2. Easy enough to skip past – I have Firefox installed with the “Web Developer” extension. (PHP Dev by day…).

    You can edit the “live” css – I switch to the “protest.css” mini-tab, and wipe it out – voila, back to normal 🙂

    I’m sure other solutions could be as easy – adblocking comes to mind, as does a custom CSS sheet…

  3. I just got a call from “Leon Roberts” at Galacy. I googled while I was talking to him and saw the scam notice. I interrupted their taping of my voice scam the first time by complaining when he used the word “maintaining service”. I told him I didn’t like that word. I wasn’t maintaining anything. He then explained that there would absolutely be no cost unless I activated some password. I said OK and then we started the taping procedure again. When he used “maintain” again I shouted into the phone that we were done. I knew it was a scam at that point. I never do business over the phone and this was one of the few exceptions. I was working on web stuff that morning so I was interested. I’m going to call by phone carrier now and tell them what happened. Thanks for the blog info. Greatly appreciated.

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