Life at VMware

I realized today that I’m approaching 8 months at VMware. The time flew by so fast, it’s amazing. I’m not even sick of it yet! 😉 The place is actually quite cool. They treat us amazingly well. We have flexible hours, the option to work at home when we need to, free food, a great environment, actual offices, really cool managers… It’s better than I would have ever imagined. And we have a lot of open source people there, too.

For those who don’t know, I work on the Hosted Linux UI team. That means I worked on Workstation 5, which we just released. It kicks ass 🙂 I’m proud of it. I’m still waiting for the screenshots I put together to go up on the site, though. I’ll post them when they appear.

What we need is more talented Linux people on the UI team. If anybody is interested, feel free to contact me with a resume and I’ll pass it along. We’re stationed in Palo Alto, California, which is a nice place to live.

I need to get a picture of our building, with the fountain and waterfall and beautiful trees, but for now, I only have pics of my office.


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