Revenge of the *bleep*

Hurray! Leo and Patrick and some of the others from the old The Screen Savers show have gotten together and started a “podcast.” I’m sure anybody reading Slashdot knows this already, but I’m still pretty excited about it. I’ve been watching The Screen Savers since it was created on ZDTV, and have been pretty upset about how badly G4TechTV mangled it. Now I have a radio show I can look forward to hopefully every week or so.

I’ve been thinking a bit about getting back into doing an online radio show. I used to host “Voices In My Head” on WOPN/Freenode Radio, back when that still existed. Ever since that station fell to the ground, I’ve been wanting to set up a new one with 24-hour independent music and weekly radio shows of various types. It’s something I’m seriously considering now. Maybe I’ll look into expenses and talk to a few people…

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