Finally, a modern desktop

I updated my main desktop today, which I haven’t really used since getting my laptop. It went from Fedora Core 2 with gnome 2.8cvs to Ubuntu Hoary. The operation was a success and the patient is in recovery, except with one casualty: I lost my last 5 months of e-mail. I have a script to auto-archive e-mail, so I have the last few years worth, but I didn’t back up /var/mail… *sigh* So, if anybody e-mailed me something important, please send it again.

1 thought on “Finally, a modern desktop”

  1. That is WHY I never store antyhing in /var

    I still don’t know why for example Apache default to /var/www, cvs to /var/cvs
    That is insane.

    Everything persistent data should go in /home and /home be a different partition.

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