Snap, Crackle, Pop!

For about two weeks now, I’ve noticed that the lights in my apartment have been flickering a lot. I tried changing the bulbs and it did no good. Eventually I concluded that it was the portable heater causing it, until it started having this problem when the heater was off. Several times a day, the circuit breaker has been tripping. It’s all been getting on my nerves.

Today I noticed the lights fade off and realized that something was very wrong here. I headed to the breaker box and saw that the breaker was not tripped. However, there was a very faint smell, and a crackling noise. Uh oh. I quickly flipped it to off. Or rather, I slid it. No longer does it actually toggle. I can slide the switch to any position I want.

Fortunately, the crackling stopped and the smell quickly faded away. There was no heat on the breaker box. So now I have to get someone to fix this first thing in the morning. My fridge is plugged into this circuit, and I’m a bit worried about things going bad. I do have a mini fridge I’m putting some things like meat in. I guess I’m also worried about a potential fire. Ugh. At least now I know what the cause is, and hopefully it can be fixed quickly… Monday’s starting early!

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