Everybody’s hiring!

Wow, lots of “We’re looking to hire” posts on Planet GNOME today. So I might as well say, we, as in VMware, are looking to hire too.

I would try to really sell this place and embellish everything, but there’s no need. The company is so much fun to work at, and every manager I have talked to has been friendly, helpful, and without an ego problem. There are lots of little perks. Free snack food all day long, every day, once-a-week catered lunches, video game systems, DDR, weekly sports of several types during work hours, very flexible hours, weekly beer bashes, and company events (such as the company paying for us to see Star Wars Episode 3, picnics, etc.), to name a few.

I work in the Hosted UI group as a Linux developer. We hack on the hosted products, such as Workstation and ACE. The team is great. We do things together all the time, grab lunch and just BS the time away. We’re pretty productive, though, and the people on the team are all very smart. Every one of the Linux developers comes from open source, specifically from a Gtk project. The Windows guys know their stuff as well. All in all, it’s a great little community that is just a part of a larger great community.

The general rule is that every full-time developer gets an office, which is shared with one other developer. In our team, we all have window offices. Makes for a nice atmosphere.

The pay is very nice, and the area is great too, if you live in Palo Alto. We have a currently very small Boston office we’re setting up, but I honestly don’t know the details with that. It’s not very big at the moment. The team I’m in is exclusively in Palo Alto.

I’m not exaggerating a bit when I say that VMware is the type of company I have always dreamed about working at. Most days, I look forward to going to work, unless there’s an annoying bug I’ve spent days attempting to fix without success. 🙂 We are picky about who we hire, but we are definitely looking for some skilled Gtk+ hackers. We’re open source and Linux friendly, and try to contribute back in one way or another when possible.

If anyone’s interested, please contact me.

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