Stargate SG-1 Season Premier

Wow. The Stargate SG-1 season premier was on. It was… wow.. that was bad. I think I’m just going to sit in a corner and sob lightly for a while. I don’t think it could have been worse if they tried. They destroyed SG-1. Hopefully some good effort will be put on Atlantis. I guess I get to take SG-1 off my Tivo now 🙁

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  1. Yeah.. It’s gone the way X-Files did in their last few seasons. I’d say that they started to suck last season. I’ll still watch SG-1 though, even if it managed to get Star Trek: Enterprise bad. Atlantis isn’t bad.

  2. I was/am quite the fan of Farscape, and Ben Browder and Claudia Black on SG-1 just seems wrong. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but man, it’s grating to see the 2 of them on the wrong show, heh.

  3. So, wait a sec here. Are you all trying to tell me that the season premier of SG1 has come and gone. Before you answer, please be aware that (a) I do not have cable, and have always watched it on braodcast TV, and (b) I am not in Canada. I live in California.
    If I did not miss it, any ideas as to when I can catch it? I know what station (UPN 13) but what day??
    pleas please PLEASE someone LET ME KNOW?!?!

  4. Yep, Stargate SG-1 was very disappointing this past season. The previous season gave no indication whatsoever that they were going to completely shake things up. It was a rather shocking experience watching that first episode. In a bad way. Nonethess, I watched every episode of the season hoping it would get better. I don’t like that Farscape guy at all (what’s his name?). I liked Farscape when it first came out, but then that guy just got on my nerves too much. He’s doing it again on Stargate now.

    What in the world caused them to mess up the show so badly in one big move?

  5. Never really been a big fan of Stargate altogether, really. I mean, the movie was pretty cool. They could have brought a sequel – but even in the movie I felt they could do better. As far as the TV series goes – they still can always have done better. The whole idea has so much potential, but they’ve ruined it with really bad aliens and a storyline I could have come up with when I was 8 years old. The idea of stargate is really cool, but the actual storylines are really second rate.
    Star Trek often has the same problem with it. I’m a big fan of Heroes now, and LOST is still really good. The mystery is what keeps it cool. Stargate could have a lot more mystery, but they don’t do a good job of keeping you glued and wanting to know what’s going to happen next. I’ve given it plenty of tries – so I’m pretty sure I’m right about it.

  6. I have only just gotten around to watching season 9 & 10 of Stargate Sg1. I kind of lost interest once Richard Dean Anderson left, but I have to say that I quite enjoyed these two seasons. I should have watched them sooner.

  7. What is even worse is you have a magnificent show like Battle Star Gallactica only going 4 seasons.

    Deep Space 9 and Star Trek TNG took that long to get good.

    Stargate was a good movie, should have kept it at that. They didnt use the secret that star trek uses to attract good actors and still make budget, they hire veteran theater performers

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