I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

Okay, Serenity absolutely rocks, and if you haven’t seen it, you should. Preferably after watching at least a few episodes of Firefly first. It surpassed my expectations and I felt it was a good ending to the series. That is, if it’s really an end. Part of the credits indicated that they have reserved the rights for two more movies.

Largely, Serenity felt to me like a very long episode of Firefly, although more movie-like. Unlike the series, I think there was more action than quiet crew times. Still, I loved (almost) every moment of it. The audience laughed and cried through the movie, and to me, that makes it a success.

12 thoughts on “I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”

  1. After a very long wait, we were thrilled when Serenity came out.

    I wasn’t expecting the back story on the Reavers, but found it was quite satisfying!

    We’re going back to see Serenity again this weekend, and definitely hoping for a second and a third movie to come!

    Oh, and as a side note… Serenity debuted in the No.2 spot its opening weekend!


  2. I just saw it for the second time, and I noticed so many new little details. I can’t get over how many such things were added, that could have been left out, details and items that other film makers might have (or already have) left out. Also the fact that they didn’t club the audience over the head with the details and backstories, but just let it flow and didn’t talk down to us.

    Such exquisite attention to detail made it ever more beautiful.

  3. Just walked in the door after seeing Serenity for the first time…and it definitely won’t be the last. I got addicted to the series as soon as I heard about it (admittedly only 2 months ago) and after watching all of them a few times I was very impressed by the movie. I dare say that having seen the series helped me get some of the less obvious humour, but It looked like everyone seemed to understand most, if not all, of what was happening. Great job by everyone involved in making the movie ‘available’ even to those who’ve never seen Firefly.

    Now, if only they’d bring back the series!! Sure, the movie format was great, but I like being able to see all the back stories and inter-crew relationships. Although, I was very very pissed when…well, I don’t want to ruin it for others, let’s just say I was pissed when something happened.

  4. Yeah, I was also angry when that happened, At least I THINK I know what you were refering too… but anyway the things I didn’t like are basically the fault of the series for making me love the particular “thing” to which the “Thing” happened. Really I loved the series and movie. The movie explained a lot about the series to which I had questions. My only thought on continuation of the series is continue it from the last episode, don’t make the movie like an episode in the series and continue from there. I reall don’t want the “thing” to happen. Though it does not take away from the story in the slightest.

  5. Serenity was definitely awesome, and it paid off to have watched over half of the Firefly episodes first. Definitely a good xmas gift to buy (the DVD of the movie comes out dec. 20 this year – and you should also buy the 4-DVD set of the series).

  6. Serenity is the pwn. I just watched it last weekend. I wonder how it landed the PG-13 rating, some movies seem to have had R and had just as much stuff…

    I love that line.

    “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.”

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