SexyIconEntry is now 67% sexier

The original GTK+ IconEntry widget has just gotten sexier!

I was in need of SexyIconEntry today for some work, and decided now was a good time to fix some of the problems I haven’t taken the time to fix in this widget, and add some features at the same time. To start with, SexyIconEntry now works correctly in all themes I have tested. Clearlooks’s GtkEntry border is no longer cut off, for instance. Also, the ability to put an icon on both sides has been added. See the sexy screenshot!

Such a sexy screenshot

And remember, this is an actual GtkEntry! Anything you can do to a GtkEntry, you can do to this.

I’m adding more features, like the ability to add a clear button with one API call, and icon drag-and-drop support, to the widget. It will be in an upcoming release (possibly tonight or tomorrow morning), along with some other nifty features in other widgets.

By the way, isn’t it about time we replace the asterisk in masked entries with that unicode character for the round filled circle (“●”)? The asterisk is so 1980s.

14 thoughts on “SexyIconEntry is now 67% sexier”

  1. Still up, HPreg? 🙂

    Basically, I want the primary icon (left-most on LTR directions, right-most on RTL) to (optionally) be draggable, with the data of the drag being the content of the checkbox. This would be useful for web browsers, for instance, where you can usually drag the icon to another tab or the Home button to set the home page.

    This is one of the major complaints I’ve had about this widget. I think I’ll probably get that feature in the next release, though.

  2. Stephan Michels

    Ubuntu use the round filled circle for some input fields. And I have to say that it looks ugly. So, please don’t do it.

  3. >> I think the invisible character should be set by the theme!

    Yeah, that’d be so cool. I’d like my masked entries to look like “!@$%!” instead of “*****” 🙂

  4. Daniel Steinberger

    Like Mathieu Blondel asked, it would really be cool, if you’d coordinate for libsexy to be included into Project Ridley, so maybe all future GTK+-programs may benefit from your wonderful code. After all, it IS a very usefull widget, you’ve created.
    Or is there already such an effort to integrate?

  5. I would very much like this work to go into GTK+ at some point. I plan to work on a couple of patches and get feedback from the developers soon. I’m just not sure how likely the patches are to be accepted.

  6. chris: I think that, between this and the SexyUrlLabel (which, by the way, would make use drop the GnomeURL widget without actually introducing a new widget), you’re patches would be most welcome. even though project ridley is all about consolidation, having new widgets for common tasks currently performed by code replicated in various projects moved inside Gtk is certainly worth the time for a patch/bugzilla entry.

    just drop by on the wiki and leave a pointer for your awesome work.

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