libview 0.5.3/0.5.4 released

Today, we released libview 0.5.3, with some awesome new widgets, such as FieldEntry and IPEntry. A short while later we released 0.5.4, which was a small bug fix release. It’s a really cool release/set of releases, and I think people will find FieldEntry/IPEntry interesting, as I haven’t seen anything like that in the GTK+ world yet.

I spent the past hour writing some documentation on what exactly libview consists of, complete with screenshots. It’s available on the Widgets and Classes page on I hope this is of interest to some people.

Assuming people are lazy, though, I’m posting screenshots of the new widgets below:


4 thoughts on “libview 0.5.3/0.5.4 released”

  1. Hi Anonymous Coward.

    Actually, our original IPEntry was an HBox with four GtkEntries. I decided to rewrite it. I’ll give you a few reasons why the method of using multiple entries is problematic:

    * Selection doesn’t work across fields.
    * Additional accessibility work is needed.
    * Copying and pasting is a massive pain.
    * There are themeing issues under certain cases and themes.
    * You have to handle a lot more GtkEditable work yourself, if you choose to support GtkEditable.
    * It won’t Just Work under a TreeView. (I haven’t tested FieldEntry/IPEntry on a TreeView, but it should work.)

    There’s a lot we get for free using a GtKEntry subclass. It’s a definite win for us, with no real downsides.

  2. Hi all.
    These are really, really important widgets (think about comercial aplications,
    people use to write down extrange characters).

    I wish to see these widgets inside gtk+-2.x release ASAP, and a python binding soon 😉

    Thanks!, thanks!!

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