New website goodness

I’ve finally moved, my blog, and my gallery to my linode server from a fairly slow and now saturated DSL connection back home that my whole family uses. The main move happened last night, though today I realized I forgot my blog. Oops. I took the opportunity to install WordPress instead of Movable Type, and then imported my existing blog entries and set up a nice redirect setup for old blog entries. So far, so good! 🙂

The next step for me is to finish the layout I’m working on and slowly apply it to the gallery, wiki, and blog. This should be a real fun exercise.

Update: I apologize to Planet GNOME for taking over the world. Hopefully we can get this fixed soon.

4 thoughts on “New website goodness”

  1. Virual servers are great. I use which offers Xen based virtual machines (instead of user-mode-linux, which linode uses I believe) at reasonable rates.. for anyone interested in that sort of thing.

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