Nokia 770 – Romance in your pocket

I was cuddling up with my girlfriend tonight and we decided to look up some info on the net that we were talking about. The problem was that my laptop was inconveniently out of reach, and would require us to go outside into the cold and leave the nice warm room. It was then that I realized that my Nokia 770 was sitting in my coat pocket. I pulled it out and fired up the web browser, and soon we were Googling our way to knowledge. It was so convenient that I think for the first time it just really made me realize the potential of this type of device. While looking at the pages, we decided to jump back to the Home screen and stream some nice classical music, which we left on for the next hour or so.

The only problem we ran into was that some sites were popping up ads in other windows, which at times stole the focus and also slowed down the browser a bit. There may be a popup blocking feature, but I haven’t looked yet. Anyhow, we were both pretty happy with the convenience of this. No need to go out into the cold to fetch the laptop, and more time to spend with each other in the warmth.

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