Tux Paint for the Nokia 770

Tux Paint is one of those Linux applications that just makes me smile. It’s cute, fun, and great for kids. My little sister of five years old loves it and has been playing it since she was two. Also, Bill Kendrick, Tux Paint’s creator and lead developer, is a friend of mine, but I’m not biased at all!

So recently, Bill has been talking about finding somebody to port Tux Paint to the Nokia 770. Since I have one, and since my sister loves playing with both the 770 and Tux Paint, I figured I would take up the challenge. While not perfect, and somewhat slow in loading, the end result turned out pretty good.

Tux Paint on the Nokia 770

Work will continue on this. Some optimizations need to be made in areas, and hopefully other users of both Tux Paint and the 770 will want to contribute.

Releases will be posted soonish.

6 thoughts on “Tux Paint for the Nokia 770”

  1. Yep, I’ve seen horizon. I haven’t used it yet, but it looks promising. Still, Tux Paint is a program that kids love and I myself love, and is currently a bit more full-featured than Horizon, simply due to it being around for a lot longer and being available for more platforms. I’d like to see both projects continue.

  2. “…somewhat slow in loading…”

    Try compiling this with the XCB configuration of Xlib, it will reduce the footprint and possibly speed up the app.

    Does Tux Paint use a particular toolkit? Which area needed the greatest effort in porting to the 770?

  3. Tux Paint is SDL-based. I don’t think there’s any linking going on with Xlib, so that’s not an option. The slowness is in the areas where it’s doing a whole bunch of floating point calculations, which the ARM processor isn’t exactly speedy at doing.

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