TuxPaint for the Nokia 770 – Packages!

I’ve finally gotten around to putting up packages of Tux Paint for the Nokia 770. I’d love people to test the packages. I know there are some bugs and slowdowns in the software itself, but that’ll be dealt with separately.. someday 🙂

You need to install SDL_ttf and SDL_image from the Maemo Library Catalog page first, and then grab the tuxpaint deb.

This will be on the Application Catalog shortly.

3 thoughts on “TuxPaint for the Nokia 770 – Packages!

  1. Igor

    I’ve DL and installed TuxPaint on my 770. It works fine.. now and then a little bit slow… but overall OK.
    I have two questions:
    – when I click on button “save” the picture is saved… but I would like to know WHERE it saved and under which name
    – when I click on button for TEXT ENTRY… nothing happen

    Any advice is very welcome


  2. jgraca

    When will be available Tux Paint for 2006 Nokia 770 with 2006 OS?
    Tux Paint was favourite program for my daughter, but I lost it after upgrading to OS2006!


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