Medals, concerts, and super gates

  • Olympic Medal

    A few days ago, an Olympic medal winner, Valerie Fleming, paid us a visit at VMware. It turns out she has family there. Small world. A bunch of us, including Alex Graveley and I, were allowed to wear the medal. We of course took pictures. Many were taken with digital cameras, hence the quality issues on some, but one co-worker managed to get some decent pictures with a good camera.

  • Concert

    My brother and I are attending a Dream Theater concert tomorrow. It promises to be very exciting. It’s actually my first concert, and I’ve been a fan of Dream Theater for years. I should be meeting up with my dad and brother tomorrow, spend the day doing whatever, and then head to the concert. Is anybody else in the area going?

  • Stargate SG-1

    Last year, I ranted a bit about how bad the new Stargate SG-1 season was starting out. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, though, and continued watching it. Aside from some lame plots spread out throughout the season, I’ve grown to like it and where it’s going. The season finale was tonight, and left me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait for next season to see what’s going to happen. The new enemy, the Ori, is actually a good replacement for the Goa’uld, and for once, it looks like the good guys have a chance of not winning. Of course, this being a popular TV show, the good guys will win, but at least there’s finally a real challenge.

5 thoughts on “Medals, concerts, and super gates”

  1. Can’t agree about the Ori, I fear. I hate the whole stupid idea more with every passing episode. Did we *really* need more science fiction with beings that act Christian, but are actually Satanic? Clever allegory, that—not.

    I miss Richard Dean Anderson a lot. I also really miss Don S. Davis; firing him was just mean and stupid IMHO.

    My best hope for SG-1 is that they defeat the Ori in short order, and go back to having *no* regular enemy, like they did at the beginning of the show. All my favorite episodes are off-arc anyhow, so I’d be really happy to just have the team go explore new worlds once a week.

    Cerebus Syndrome—bleah.

  2. David: That’s the 3120 Porter building, kitchen area.

    POB: Yeah, I agree on most parts, though the Goa’uld were a common enemy from the very beginning. And the Christian thing may be new, but before that it was Egyptian gods. Maybe that’s different to most of us since Christianity is more common in many parts of the world. I still like it, though not all of it. When they start talking all religious-like, it bothers me, but some of what they’re doing with it is good.

    But yes, I would definitely like to see them just explore places again for a while too, but I don’t think they can sustain the show with that.

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