VMware Server beta 2

We just announced VMware Server beta 2 today, which is without a doubt a vast improvement over beta 1. Aside from over 60 critical bug fixes and over 150 non-critical fixes, we’ve also added support for using the Server remote console to connect to GSX 3 hosts.

However, I should point out that those using GSX 3’s remote console to connect to an ESX machine won’t be able to use Server for this purpose. I’m looking into a possible co-install solution, but another option is to run the GSX 3 remote console inside a VM, such as our Browser Appliance VM.

I’ve personally done a lot of work on Server, and am quite proud of it. This should be a good release, definitely better than beta 1. We’re working hard on the next release, though I can’t say when it will be out.

In other VMware news, I just found out today that we launched the VMware Company Store. Though I wish they had mugs, at least now I can get some presents for my grandparents who I know have been wanting some VMware things to collect (they’re so proud of me! Awww.)

And I might as well take this opportunity to mention that our Virtual Appliance Challenge is still going, and we’re hoping to get some good entries. Though I don’t know what level of quality existing entries have reached, there are some appliances I’d personally like to see for my own use:

  • A development environment appliance for GNOME or for the Nokia 770.
  • A project site appliance containing Trac or Bugzilla, Apache, MediaWiki and WordPress, all set up with some kind of a common theme framework (so that I can modify one set of files and each will update).
  • A well-done kids appliance that I could give to my sister, containing a very simplified and kid-friendly UI, Tux Paint, Tux Typing, a locked down and controlled copy of Gaim (so that she could talk to me), a stripped-down word processor, and other games and educational software. Cute screensavers, wallpaper, sounds, etc. The nice thing here is that it could be snapshotted and then if the kid messes it up, the VM could simply be reverted.

For those who are wondering (I know many people do), an “appliance VM” just means a virtual machine with a specific purpose, rather than a generic “This has a GNOME desktop in it!” VM. Anyhow, that’s enough of that for now. Back to working on the next Server release.

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