Nintendo: Wii are not amused

So Nintendo today announced the Revolution’s new name: Wii. Yes, Wii. The reaction so far as been about as negative as you’d expect, with all kinds of bad puns made. A number of the bad puns were made by Nintendo, as demonstrated on the site I just linked to.

I must wonder what they’re thinking. It’s like the whole “Touching is good” thing they did with the DS. And then there were games like Touch Kirby’s Magic Paintbrush. Someone over at Nintendo either really doesn’t understand the potential puns and such in English, or is rolling around laughing now.

Bad, Nintendo. Bad.

14 thoughts on “Nintendo: Wii are not amused”

  1. when I see the sales of the ds (and the ds lite in japan ! totaly out of control) and the whole money nintendo can do with “little” games
    I know what they think : “we know what we are doing. not you… yet”

  2. Kirby’s Canvas Curse is an awesome game.

    And the name Wii is great. It’s quirky, offbeat, and different. Everyone is talking about it (including you!). Generating a lot of buzz for Nintendo. As they say, all publicity is good publlicity. Plus, you can call the controller the wiimote!

  3. Darren Winsper

    Nintendo actually played on the whole innuendo aspect of “Touching is good” in the UK, so I’m fairly certain they’re aware of it. Having said that, “Wii” is a terrible name for the Revolution.

  4. bigboy, gaming guru

    wii…i admit, at first i was ready to go shoot miyamuto and all the other dunderheads down at nintendo hq…but, its grown on me. the more i think about it, the more i realize it is a pretty ingenius idea. its generated plenty of talk, it is indeed different, and there is NO confusion. u will not get the wii confused with the gamecube, or the xbox, or the playstation. also, im a big fan of any move that gives nintendo an edge over their evil empirical foes, microsoft and sony. when the names “xbox 360” or “playstation 3” were released, was there any outbreak over the web about it?? no. it was “oh..u added a 360..thats nice..” or “hm, the two was followed by a unique.”. nintendo really took advantage of the name. also, their timing was flawless. i had read in numerous articles on that the name would be released at e3 on may ninth, so i wasnt anticipating any exception news on the revolution. but i also kept my ear to the ground so to speak, and imagine my amazement to see the new name released ahead of schedule. as my last thought, any fools who are saying they are no longer purchasing this because of the name are amateurs, and dont deserve a wii anyway.

  5. n64 Virtual Boy (maybe 7 lubed)

    Wii funny but not really cool!

    I, Avid try wii and revolution like japanese console girl with mario, it is really ok. he is small yes, but not really gay like Nintendo.

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