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An article appeared on yesterday talking about a possible leak about the Nintendo Revolution/Wii. It referred to a video that was linked to in the comments. This video gave a demonstration of Augmented Reality, and while this technology is only rumored to be in the Revolution, it’s still fascinating to watch.

Augmented Reality basically allows for real-time merging of a live video stream and 3D graphics in such a way that the 3D objects can in a sense react to changes in the real world. Virtual tanks running around a real table and bumping into things, for instance, or holding a weapon in your hand and walking around with it. Now if only they had a good way of projecting this out into the real world without bulky, expensive equipment.

It will be very interesting to see if any of these rumors about Augmented Reality integration in the Revolution are true. E3 is coming up, so we’ll finally know what Nintendo is actually up to. Hopefully it will live up to expectations.

5 thoughts on “Augmented Reality”

  1. Sorry, but it’s not true. That video is a couple years old, and is of a French researcher showing off the technology.

  2. Lews: I’m aware of both points. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not true. It may not be true, and at the very least it wouldn’t be that advanced, but either way, it’s cool technology.

  3. Now all we need is video glasses and you can have mario jump out of your TV and run around the living room 😉

    Incidentally that’s a very cool captcha you have there. Yay for pretty things!

  4. There’s on their website an extract of a french TV show with this technology. I’m really happy to see french people innovating on that kind of area, I was even surprised, because I had never heard about this technology before, even here in France. It’s a pitty this was not more spread around french media. I hope average joe will soon have access to this, because application fields are huge.

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