A Nintendo DS Lite! And it’s all mine!

I was talked into buying a Nintendo DS a while back, and was about to shell out the money when I found out that the DS Lite was in development. So I waited… and waited… and then preordered… and waited some more… And now I have it! It’s quite cool, actually. I bought New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, and Princess Peach (for my girlfriend). I think I’m going to buy Brain Age and Tetris DS in a couple of days.

So I’m looking for two things now: Friend codes and game suggestions. If you have one of the above games and wish to share your friend code, or you have any games you highly recommend I buy, please either post a comment or e-mail me.

6 thoughts on “A Nintendo DS Lite! And it’s all mine!”

  1. Metroid Prime: Hunters is awesome.

    My friend code for MKDS can be gotten via IM. Only thing I find annoying about my DS is that it’s 802.11b only, and my MBP will only create a network in g-only mode. So I have to go into the living room to get WiFi. 🙁 I’ll get around to moving the base station eventually. But until then, le sigh.

  2. I just bought the DSLite as well. I only have two games so far.. but one of them is most amazing thing. Sadly you’ll have to aim yourself at an importer to get it. It’s called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (or Ouendan for short)… it’s a beat matching game (think parapa w/ a touchpad instead of buttons). Amazing. It only takes a minor amount of experimenting to learn the menu system (unless you know japanese) but knowing japanese by no means is necessary for this game. Even the story sequences are quite easy to figure out (and hilarious). This is being remade for the US as Elite Beat Agents (or something like that) but it’ll lose the incredibly good japanese soundtracks as well as the amusing characters and scenarios. Not to say Elite Beat Agents won’t be fun as hell when it comes out… I’d just view it as more of a sequel. Also it won’t be available until the holidays. Ugh.

    Don’t believe me? Check out any reviews of this game you can find online. This is THE reason to buy the DS.

    Anyhow, enjoy! If you buy it let me know what you think. 🙂

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