libnotify 0.4.1/0.4.2 released

I just put out a release of libnotify 0.4.1. It has support for the new GtkStatusIcon (when compiled against GTK+ 2.9.2 or higher) and the documentation has been moved over to gtk-doc, so if you compile libnotify with –enable-gtk-doc, you should see a new “Libnotify” book in devhelp. There’s also a bunch of bug fixes too. Release notes are available.

I have some nice fixes and feature enhancements planned for notification-daemon that I’d like to get to before long. Some optional window slide-in/out or fade-in/out effects for the notification bubbles, maybe a new theme, and better notification placement.

Update: libnotify 0.4.2 is now released, with a G_BEGIN_DECLS and G_END_DECLS in notify.h so that deadchip can make C++ bindings. Woot!

6 thoughts on “libnotify 0.4.1/0.4.2 released”

  1. Mathias Brodala

    How about removing the „X“ for closing the notification?

    At the moment it only uglifies the surface of the notifications and they close anyway if you click on them anywhere.

  2. The “X” was heavily requested, especially from usability people. You’re actually the first person I’ve heard that wants it gone. You’re more than welcome to copy the standard theme and remove the “X” in it.

  3. Mathias Brodala

    But isn’t it more difficult to hit a small „X“ instead of the whole notifcation?

    Anyway: how do I modify the standard theme? Is it possible with version 0.4.0 (available from my software package repository) or do I need to get the current one?

  4. Mathias Brodala

    OK, I found out that the themes come from notification-daemon. And yes, I found the „Add the close button“ comment within the theme.c, but due to my lack of knowledge about C and GTK I don’t know how much I have to remove to keep it working.

    The notification-daemon itself seem to have neither a manpage nor a documentation nor any –help argument, so in this case it doesn’t help at all.

  5. You only need to remove the gtk_widget_show() that shows the button. It will vanish.

    It may be more difficult, but it makes more sense to a lot of users. Also, it’s not quite the same as hitting the notification. Notifications will emit a signal saying they were clicked (the “default action” was invoked) when you click the notification. Clicking the “X” will close the notification without emitting that.

  6. Mathias Brodala

    (Hm, didn’t I subscribe to the comment feed?)

    Thanks for your help. I got it compiled and it works as expected.

    Yes, I can understand your point. It would indeed be nice if a click on it would initiate a default action like going to the new mail when notify-send is invoked with Thunderbird. But this would be beyond the abilities of the notification-daemon, right?

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